White Chocolate

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Story and recipe on my blog.

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  1. StuderV 78 months ago | reply

    Great Shot, very tasteful and elegant. Fantastic lighting, especially nice the Highlight on the Top. Great color Choice.

  2. stephsus 78 months ago | reply

    oh, excellent photo! i always have such trouble shooting bars of chocolate. btw, the lighting in these white chocolate scones series is great!

  3. asri. 78 months ago | reply

    The white chocolate stack is beautiful, also the roll paper gives a final nice touch. I love your idea in this photo

  4. Thorsten (TK) 78 months ago | reply

    I agree to the comments made so far by Veronika Studer, stephsus, and Asri. The lighting is really good and I like the softness on the right side of the stack. On left side you have created different shadings.
    The styling is right on, because by stacking the different pieces you 'obscure' the often typical brand print on the top of the chocolate.

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  5. Laksmi W 78 months ago | reply

    The thin paper is an excellent companion for the fan-like pile of chocolate. Despite the earthly tones, the image is light. This is a good example of a simple styiling that is interesting and sophisticated.

  6. Xiaolu // 6 Bittersweets 78 months ago | reply

    stephsus - thanks! I got a late start on baking these, so I was relieved there was still enough light for shooting.

    Asri & Laksmi - I appreciate your comments and favorite. I decided to add the parchment paper as I thought the chocolate would look a little plain on it's own.

    Thorsten Kraska - thank you for the detailed commentary and notes. I definitely wanted to avoid highlighting the brand name. Plus, I thought this styling would help give height to what was really a small amount of chocolate :).

  7. aisha.yusaf 78 months ago | reply

    Can't add anything else that's already been said! Love the addition of the parchment paper and that curl at the end and the beautiful lighting. Lovely arrangement of the chocolates, reminds me of spiral stairs!

  8. Nipun Tantia [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

    AWESOME it looks so delicious and mouth watering .....
    here is a picture of Chocolate clicked by me do let me know if you like it or not...


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  9. kugel 75 months ago | reply

    This charming photo has been seen in aeiou/[ not a single rule! ]

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