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brittle bones can build the strongest people

i went to school yesterday and was just fine and halfway through today i fell through the cracks of health and felt like crap so i went home and laid down down, got my unstable body temperature under control, took some wonderous medicine and then topped it all off with a nap.

i am so much better now. like 93% which is an A:) hahah.


then i was home alone for like an hour so i had a miniature shoot. there will be more from this so none in the comments for now. i'm stocking up on pictures so i can keep uploading even when i don't have time to take new pictures.


i hate the feeling of uncertainty for people. not knowing if you've really move on from them in a romantic way and on to someone new or if your just really kind of craving the want to be needed.

i am kind of deep these days, sorry for being a debby downer XD

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Taken on January 27, 2011