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statistics [[explored!!]] | by Nicole:HearMeRoar(:
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statistics [[explored!!]]

grr. me and my typos. pretend that says times, okay? thanks(: hahah.


i've been tagged a multitudnious of times so here, i'm gonna go ahead and do those now.


1 i am currently working on one of those "my favorites" collages where it's made up of all other flickrites photos and i credited them and link them so you get hands on to their brilliance. good idea? ohhyahh:) haha. the theme and who will be featured is secret so HUSH:)

2 i am going to get the lovely bones in about thirty minutes and my excitment to read that book is at an unearthly magnitude. i. cant. wait.

3 i am utterly and completely fascinated by hipster things. like beanies, nail polish, tattoos, piercings, glitter, hair styles and colors, glasses, clothes, belts, anything and everything remotely just amazing. i can sit on tumblr for hours looking at those kinds of photos. i just find it all so intriguing and i love it.

4 i cant stand when people hate on the mothers. how many times a day do i hear "i hate my mom" or "my mom's a bitch" or something remotely pesimistic towards a mom. it irratates me. and their reasoning is always the same "she's mean to me." okay big whoop if you fight with your mom. my mother and i argue ALL THE TIME. on a daily basis. sometimes hourly, depending on the day of the week. but i would never call my mother a bitch. i would never say anything cruel about her. i might say i'm mad at her but that's my limit. i love my mother. same goes for my father and the way i feel when people despise their dads. be grateful for your parents.

5 i cant wait for chirstmas. like i usually get excited, but this level of excitment is foreign to me. but i like it. a lot! haha.

6 i want to see the justin bieber movie at midnight whe it come out so freaking badly. like it's madening how badly i wanna see that movie at 12:01 when it's released

7 my phone's name is Natalie incase you were all wondering :) i love that phone really passionately. it's the best phone i've ever had i do declare.

8 my cousins and i are all really close, but i don't have one girl cousin and i wish i did.

9 i like using lighter makeup as opposed to dark

10 i hope my weekend isn't a fail.



and thank you for the explore :D

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Taken on November 20, 2010