Keith Academy

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    I found out there's some beautiful loft apartments in this place, I want to live here!!

    1. 2kjb 76 months ago | reply

      I believe this building was once a Catholic high school, called the Keith Academy. It was converted to condominiums a while back.

    2. uzi978 76 months ago | reply

      Wow, that's so weird that you left this comment on the same day that a fellow cabbie told me the exact same thing. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like it'd be a really cool place to live in!

    3. happyarm 76 months ago | reply

      I guess they don't use those stairs any more.

    4. 2kjb 76 months ago | reply

      Good point. The "main" entrance is actually at the opposite end of the building, where the parking lot is.

    5. .mariannika. 76 months ago | reply

      I love this building! I just met someone who lives here.

    6. uzi978 76 months ago | reply

      Did they buy a loft, or are they renting? I think it's a really cool structure, looks castle-like.

    7. .mariannika. 76 months ago | reply

      I don't know - it was my first time meeting her and I didn't want to pry.
      I can't believe you lived above Brother's - I love that their policy is piles of fries with everything.

      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    8. uzi978 76 months ago | reply

      Hahaha, yes, piles of fries. And don't bother trying to call ahead, they don't start making your food until you get there. That was so annoying! You can probably tell from my photos where I live now.

    9. boardjon 70 months ago | reply

      This was originally built as a JAIL!!! It was later Keith Academy boys school, then converted to condominiums.

    10. uzi978 70 months ago | reply

      boardjon Yup, I've heard that too. I still want to live there!!

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