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Spain v France, Olympic basketball quarter-final.

2 entries on my bucket list:

1.See a live Olympics event

2.Watch the USA dream Team or an NBA match.

Well, bought these tickets when they first came out and HOPED that they would be for the USA, but my luck gave me Russia v Lithuania and Spain v France, honestly, I was gutted. I realised soon after seeing the semi-final line up that the USA match was always going to be the later of the two sets, starting in the night here, as that would be ideal for TV rights in the US, makes sense. I was just unlucky to get the 14:00 to 18:00 session. I did check on a website as soon as the initial draws were made and it appeared like I had the USA, but that site soon disappeared, maybe I was mistaken. Anyway, enough moaning, it was a good match and if I had not just missed the chance of seeing the US I would have been happy.

On a side note - I saw the limo's bringing outside the venue in secure parking areas, no doubt bringing important athletes and officials to the arena, these multi millionaire athletes get great treatment. Getting the underground back to London Bridge from North Greenwich along the jubilee line, the train was hot, smelly and so crowded it was uncomfortable. My daughter noticed someone in the train, standing next to us, tall, athletic, unnoticed, alone, but wearing a lanyard with badge reserved for officials etc. Francesca saw on his badge that it said "Athlete", I said , "no, it can't be - he would be in a Limo or have travel provided", then Francesca saw that the was a member of the GB Handball team. Handball is such a minor sport over here that no one I know has ever seen or knows a handball player, it's a nothing sport over here. So this poor guy, no doubt at the top of his sport locally and nationally had to travel on hot, smelly, public transport because he wasn't Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah or another UK superstar. Shame really, cos he embodied the Olympic spirit just as much as anyone else, he was one of the best in his country and gave all for his team. I looked at him and smiled - I thought if only he had picked up a soccer ball or running shoes when he was a nipper, what might have been, bet he didn't even have his kit (uniform) provided...

Meanwhile $500,000,000 "worth"of talent was taking to the court in an arena getting further and further away from me as the smile faded from my lips...

Now, where's the all star game next year...

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Taken on August 8, 2012