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Two's company - Three's more company!! | by tiikka
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Two's company - Three's more company!!

George and Linda were having relationship problems, George insisted that they needed to spice up their love life, it needed a lift. "Hun, we need to add some 'spice' to our relationship, we've been together for 3 days now and even though you're the one for me, the initial passions are waning." Linda, although initially put off, tried her best to protect her fledgling relationship, after all they had132 eggs to consider. Let's try some role play, she said, I'll pretend that I'm a ladybird and you can have your wicked way with me. George wasn't impressed; he knew what he wanted and was just waiting for the moment to broach the subject. After a day or two, Linda knew it still wasn't working, "What do you think will help, George?" she asked resignedly. George jumped at the chance "We could invite someone else into our lives?" he suggested hesitantly. "A therapist?" Linda queried, George explained that he needed more of a physical approach. Lind looked crestfallen – but for the sake of the relationship, and the now wriggling larvae, she said that she would invite one of her old friends the next evening. George was so excited that he flew to work with a huge grin on his face, looking forward to when he came home. He got home early and rushed over to their patch on their special plant. Linda was there with her friend “George,” she said “thank goodness you’re back, big Ron and I were just about to start without you!”

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Taken on May 13, 2012