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流蘇鷸 Ruff. | by Hiyashi Haka
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流蘇鷸 Ruff.

學  名: Philomachus pugnax

英  名: Ruff.

體長約30公分, 鷸科 Family Scolopacidae

流蘇鷸: 稀有的冬候鳥繁殖於歐洲、西伯利亞北部北極圈附近以及阿拉斯加,冬季南遷於非洲、印度亦經蒙古、中國南部、日本、朝鮮、臺灣,達菲律賓、婆羅州、中南半島越冬;亦出現於格棱蘭、北美洲以及南美洲。 一般在在淺水區活動, 雜食性, 小蟲, 蛙, 小魚, 草籽為食; 繁殖時, 背羽上流蘇狀羽飾是其特徵, 冬季只能見到一點點的翹翹羽毛。

The Ruff is a long-necked, pot-bellied bird. This species shows marked sexual dimorphism; the male is much larger than the female (the reeve), and has a breeding plumage that includes brightly coloured head tufts, bare orange facial skin, extensive black on the breast, and the large collar of ornamental feathers that inspired this bird's English name. The female and the non-breeding male have grey-brown upperparts and mainly white underparts.


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Taken on October 13, 2013