Amazing Studies of Patients with Multiple Personality Disorder

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    Multiple personality disorders graphically illustrate how the mind can affect the body in extraordinary ways. Scientists have incorporated people with MPD to study many kinds of phenomenon. The personalities in a multiple have a strong psychological separation from one another. Each has his own name, age, abilities and memories. Many times each subpersonality has his/her own style of handwriting, cultural background, artistic talents, foreign language fluency, and IQ.

    Even more astonishing are the biological changes that change with each personality. Often medical conditions possessed by one personality will disappear when another personality takes over. Dr. Bennett Braun of the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality, in Chicago, has documented a case in which all of a patient's personalities were allergic to orange juice, except one. If the man drank orange juice when he was being one of the allergic personalities, he would break out in a terrible rash. But, if he switched to his non-allergic personality, the rash would instantly start to fade, and he could drink orange juice with no medical consequences.

    Dr. Francine Howland, a Yale psychiatrist who speacializes in treating multiples, relates an even more striking incident involving a patient and a wasp sting. At one appointment, the man showed up with with his eye completely swollen and shut from a wasp sting. Howland called an ophthalmologist, wanting to get the patient treatment for the sting.

    Unfortunately, the ophthalmologist could not see the man for an hour, and because the man was in severe pain, Howland decided to try an alternate personality. As it turned out, another personality was anesthetic, feeling absolutely no pain. The pain ended, but something else the time the man got to his eye appointment, the swelling was gone and his eye had returned to normal. Seeing no need to treat him, the ophthalmologist sent him home. After a while, however, the man's original personality took control back, and the pain and swelling returned with a vengence. The next day, he went back to the ophthalmologist and was treated. The eye doctor phoned Howland because "he thought time was playing tricks on him." He wanted to make sure that it was the day before when Dr. Howland had phoned him about treatment for the man. Howland laughed, told him that the man had multiple personality disorder and explained what had happened.

    "Allergies are not the only things multiples can switch on and off. If there was any doubt as to the control the unconscious mind has over drug effects, it is banished by the pharmacological wizardry of the multiple." By changing personalities, a drunk person can instantly become sober, and different personalities within a multiple also respond differently to various drugs. Braun records a case in which 5 mg of Valium sedated one personality, while 100 mg had little or no effect on another. Often one or more personalities of a mutliple are children. While an adult personality is at the forefront and takes an adult dose of medicine he/she is fine, but, if one of the child personalities abruptly takes over, he/she may overdose.

    With a change of personalities in multiples, scars appear and disappear, burn marks do the same, as well as cysts! The multiple can change from being right-handed to being left-handed with ease and agility. Visual accuity can differ, so that some multiples have to carry two or three different pairs of glasses. One personality can be color blind and the other not. Even EYE COLOR can change! Speech pathologist, "Christy Ludlow has found that the voice pattern for each of a multiple's personalities is different, a feat that required such a deep physiological change that even the most accomplished actor can not alter his voice enough to disguise his voice pattern."

    One multiple, admitted to the hospital for diabetes complications, baffled her doctors by showing no symptoms when, without warning, one of her nondiabetic personalities took control,. The patient instantly showed no signs of being diabetic. There are also accounts of epilepsy coming and going with personality changes. Robert A. Phillips, Jr., a psychologist, reports that he has even seen tumors appear and disappear, although he doesn't specify what type of tumors.

    Multiples tend to heal faster. For example, there are several cases on record of third-degree burns healing with extraordinary rapidity. Most eerie of all, at least one researcher, Dr. Cornelia Wilbur, the therapist whose pioneering treatment of Sybil Dorsett (of the book and movie "Sybil") is convinced that multiples do not age as fast as other people.

    How could such things be? We are deeply attached to the inevitability and "reality" of things. If we have bad vision, we have it for life; and, if we suffer from diabetes, we do not for a moment think our condition might vanish with a change in mood or thought. But the phenomenon of multiple personalities challenges this belief and offers further evidence of just how much our psychological states can affect the biology of the body. The systems of control that must be in place to account for such capacities is mind-boggling. An allergic reaction to a wasp sting is a complex process, involving organized activity of antibodies, the production of histamine, the dilation of blood vessels, etc.

    Most amazing is the fact that after a multiple has undergone therapy and reconciled his/her personalities into a single personality, he or she can STILL make these changes at will. This suggests that somewhere in our psyches, we all have the ability to control these things. Some scientists believe that this is possible because our universe is holographic in nature.

    Ponder that Earthlings!!

    Love and Peace,

    karen ; )

    ref: ("The Holographic Universe") (The photo of the book above is for illustrative purposes only.)

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    1. GrahamBall 117 months ago | reply

      I've also been through the stage where I've strongly believed that the mind has unseen, untapped powers waiting somehow to be developed or tapped into. Even now, I still want - and need - to believe this, and that there is a some part of us, even if only the faintest trace, that is godlike and able, at times, to manipulate, suspend or transcend those natural physical laws that bind and fetter us so tightly to this world. Some of us have had our visions and I have had my dreams of a different world or dimension. But what of the more spectacular psychic powers like telekinesis or even levitation? Do they really exist or are they merely fables and fairy tales, fignents of human imagination and fantasy, with no more substance and veracity than tales of alien abductions and flying saucers? Do we possibly all possess these latent abilities, lying deep within us, that somehow we have never learnt or been taught how to access? I can only wonder. I really would like to discover for myself, and be finally and unequivocally convinced, that there's really much more to us than meets the eye, that death is not all there is, and that some part of us is truly supernatural. I open this topic for discussion and comment...

    2. CharmedQuarkGirl 117 months ago | reply

      I gotta go for a bit, Graham. But I'll be back soon. I would like to talk over your post.

      Love and Peace

      karen ; )

      see you soon...

    3. Scott Schreiber Jewelry Design 117 months ago | reply

      Karen and all.....We owe a debt of gratitude, it seems to me, to Karen. She has singlehandedly created a safe place where no one needs any '10 foot poles' (or longer) to discuss intelligently subject matter which, in most 'polite' society, is 'verboten'. So, thanks, Karen! Would that the rest of the world was more like this infinite little place....

    4. SeaKurt 117 months ago | reply

      "But what of the more spectacular psychic powers like telekinesis or even levitation? Do they really exist or are they merely fables and fairy tales, figments of human imagination and fantasy, with no more substance and veracity than tales of alien abductions and flying saucers?"

      Those claims definitely deserve skepticism, scrutiny--and perhaps even the serious attention of science. However, we might honestly admit that some of these events cannot be easily repeated and therefore fall outside the scope of systematic analysis? Before we dub anything as a "figment" we might as well admit that our data-collection abilities may just fall short of encompassing everything? I just happen to know that sometimes what is "verboten" in the media and public taken seriously at respected establishments like SRI, NASA, even the USAF. I say that only because I've been there...but that's another topic entirely, hehe.

    5. Scott Schreiber Jewelry Design 117 months ago | reply

      Point taken, Kurt! I was referring more generally to the conversations we encounter in the vast majority of our wanderings here and in most people's daily lives. Most people are just so fearful of being ostracized by their peers and friends that we become rather 'drone-like and flavorless'. I'm working hard to continually put in practice what I say....that what other's think of us is none of our business. What we think of ourselves....and see in the I fail continually at this.....but I keep trying. Just trying to do 'the next right thing' is about all I can handle on a daily basis!

      I'm still thinking about your topic, Graham!

    6. CharmedQuarkGirl 116 months ago | reply

      Awwwwww, Scott...blush, blush-hehehe...You put me on a pedestal that needs to be lowered a bit-ha! But, it was an extremely dignified compliment!!! Seriously, thank you. I have been lucky to have met all of you. I haven't talked science for years. I grew up around three brothers, so I often communicate with guys better than girls...strange, huh? But, that really is the truth. And, you are right, other than in a few specialized establishments, discussions about psi phenomena or even religion turn out badly. Often, people are just not flexible enough, to handle even agreeing to disagree. I say, "What's so hard about that?" Hey, I like to get it right! But, I'd rather just have an interesting conversation. I know all of my close friends here at flickr are the same way. That's why we've been drawn to each other! It is the constant questioning, the pleasure of learning new things, and the wonder of pondering the amazing, or even the unanswerables that binds us together. ; ) Better than Carbon Dating!!! hehe!

      I'm tooting everyone's horn here!! : ) We make a great team! Heck, if we lived closer to one another, we'd probably meet at the local coffee shop once a week, hauling our laptops, books, note paper, and pens in with us...I got a visual there : ) it looked fun!

      It is hard to study Aliens or UFO phenomenon, because we don't have any to study--except John who is an Austr-Alien. hehe... As far as psi phenomenon goes, I think we need more scientific study into it. I mean, I had that scorpion vision, and it happened three minutes later, and I don't do that! I am very logical, even though I do have certain beliefs that have not been proven yet. Wasn't thinking of it, wasn't trying...I was washing dishes for goodness sake! So, it happened. Can it be a coincidence? Maybe one in a trillion chance?? Those aren't good odds, but I am up to admitting there is a possibility of coincidence.

      One place to start studying, I would think, would be psychics that help police solve murder cases, not the reality tv crap, the real thing. I know men and women in the Armed Forces, CIA, etc. studied and supposedly successfully perfomed remote viewing in many tests during the mid 20th century. From what I have read, they would have a computer pick several random coordinates (longitude/latitude) out of a 30-50 mile radius or more. Then, they folded them and put them in a large envelope, tightly controlling the manner in which they gathered and delivered the data. After a man (participating in the test) drove his car away from the facility in which they were working, he would take the envelope out and choose, without looking, one of the coordinates and drive there. This man would be good at meditation and focusing. The guy at the facility, who did the remote viewing, was alone in a shielded room, watched by cameras. He would close his eyes and if shapes came into his mind, he would draw them in the proper location...say a school. He might see a rectangle first, for the shape of the building, he might see a line of windows and double doors, and trees and other markers of the location. Anywhoo, I have read a book written by one of their most successful remote viewers. He is very logical, and shows his drawings. This stuff was just released from "confidential" status a few years ago, I believe. So, he was able to write about it. Well, it was interesting. The scientists went to great lengths to make sure this guy was isolated, that no radio/microwaves or other interference could be making it happen. One day, they even took him down in a submarine-ha! There is no definitive proof, other than for the people that actually experienced it, but I believe it is very probable that it happened. There are many, many kinds of psi phenomena, including ones mentioned by Graham and more. We just need to have more open-minded, well-documented, tightly-controlled scientific studies done. We do not use a large chunk of our brains. That part must be useful for something!! Well, maybe not for Scott--hehe...

      I know one story that's true. There was a man attending medical school at a prestigious college (I forget what college), and one of his classes was learning about MRI's or Cat Scans--one of the two. They needed some students to volunteer for scans to show the class. This guy volunteered, and when they scanned his brain, they found that he had only half a brain!! He was born, grew up, went through school, played sports, etc. never knowing that one half of his skull was filled with cerebrospinal fluid! He had NO disabilities whatsoever! I guess his body adapted? Cool, huh? So, John, if you have half a mind to continue this conversation, by all means, dive right's enough : )

      So, I think I've written too much in this little window-ha! I'm always surprised when I end up writing a paper! This will probably be one, even though I'm just typing in this little window!

      Peace and Love Earthling Friends!!!

      karen ; )

    7. aidmenot 116 months ago | reply

      So if people are not followers of Jesus, they cannot expect their faith to cure them of what they have? I am not a follower of Jesus, but I have epilepsy, and while I would not say it is "cured" because it is over five years since my last seizure, I also know it is not "curable", not because I am not a follower of Jesus, because the medical evidence points things that way. I will only stop taking my medication when I see an epileptologist - and I was told that I need no longer seeing one in 2000, not that I no longer had to "keep taking the tablets".

    8. CharmedQuarkGirl 116 months ago | reply

      Not at all, aidmenot! Graham quoted the Bible, and I was answering in the context of his quote. I believe, personally, that God (or the Creator) is pure Love Energy. I do not think he has started any religion in particular here on earth. I think He/She loves everyone at all times. What I meant was that, in the context of the Bible, Jesus NEVER claimed that you had to be a Christian or believe in Him to be healed. He always claimed that your belief in the healing itself, that it could and would be done, real belief, not trying to believe, but a knowing belief, then that is when it will happen. (He never says if you believe God or Jesus can heal you. There is a slight, but very important difference there.) It is like a law of gravity, but based on our conscious and subconscious certainty that it will happen, or even has happened already in our mind's eye. Anyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, size, color, weight, etc. has access to this law. In fact, it might tie into the double-slit experiment that we were talking about. That is my belief.

      There have been people with serious, irreversible illnesses in the hospital who have visualized their white blood cells attacking the diseased cells and overcoming them, iradicating them completely, and they have experienced healing. They believed with their mind and it happened. I do believe in a Creator. But I also believe that he gives this law to everyone, however they can get their mind to believe.

      I'm sorry I wasn't clear about that. Like I said, I was addressing you back in the context of the Bible, but healing through belief is open to everyone, even agnostics and atheists. The Creator of the Big Bang and the Universe is larger than religion. : )

      Just remember. I may not be right here. This is only my belief. I have no proof, other than personal experience and what I have read in many texts and feel in my heart is true. : )

      I am very excited that you have been healed of your epilepsy. I believe it was through your faith (or belief) that this happened, NOT because you followed a certain religion or religious figure and believed. : )

      Love and Peace, Aidmenot!
      karen ; )

      p.s. I am deeply sorry Aidmenot!!!!! I saw the avatar and thought Graham was posting back again. I was half asleep and had only a half a cup of coffee...that's my only excuse, and it's a miserable one!!! I'm a dork sometimes!!! Sorry, bud. : )

    9. Scott Schreiber Jewelry Design 116 months ago | reply

      My best to you Aidmenot....and continued good-health....I'll definitely agree with Karen on this point.......Positive thought is helpful!

      Well if Graham would get an's not like he doesn't have the most awe-inspiring images to choose from.....hint, hint! ...and you can change it anytime you want!

    10. CharmedQuarkGirl 116 months ago | reply

      It is rather generic! Graham??? hehe

    11. SeaKurt 116 months ago | reply

      "I believe, personally, that God (or the Creator) is pure Love Energy. I do not think he has started any religion in particular here on earth. I think He/She loves everyone at all times."

      Beautifully and simply put. :-) My perspective is...that God is love may just be so obvious it goes unnoticed. If it weren't so, the Earth would likely be a smoking cinder. It's only human to want to feel "right" about our own beliefs, but there's a greater point hear that quiet voice, and "read between the lines" and find a higher purpose than...religion. Hehe. ;-)

      "I was told that I need no longer seeing one in 2000, not that I no longer had to "keep taking the tablets". Wow...that's a great thing to hear! :-) And, I agree with the rest--there must be some link between our mind/psyche and our bodies. It's awe-inspiring.

    12. CharmedQuarkGirl 116 months ago | reply

      Yep, Kurt. "God is Love" was a cliche used a lot on bumper stickers, pens, buttons, etc. for a long time. I think many people got desensitized to the idea. I believe a lot of people still think of it in that way...a cliche. It distracts from the actual meaning of that little sentence, which, I believe, says a lot. : )

      Love and Peace,

      karen ; )

    13. CharmedQuarkGirl 116 months ago | reply

      And, you are right to listen to that quiet voice, "read between the lines" and even question those lines! ; )

    14. SeaKurt 116 months ago | reply

      Karen, yes--I know from experience that slowing down and taking time to listen is very good...even if it's a cliche-ha! ;-)

      "question the lines"--kinda like using your crayon outside the box?

    15. seonta 78 months ago | reply

      Hey. I can't take the time to read all of these comments but I just want to say... I think any kind of mental disturbance or insanity is a result of demonic possession. I think a lot of the time the devil will offer you a mental crutch and when you accept it your opening yourself up that much to demonic influences. Really the way the devil works is through lieing, if you look in the bible you can see that; and the more lies you believe the deeper he can go. So demonic possession starts in the mind, and I think a lot of diseases and sicknesses have their root in some kind of mental state, or emotions and how the body reacts to them, and the information in your article would confirm this, because when the personality would switch, and the mind change, then different bodily affects like allergies would change.
      I don't think that mpd is completely demon possession. I don't think that the different personalities are actually various demons possessing the person. But I think that like other mental illnesses, mpd is the result of a person in trauma being offered a mental crutch, a lie, and taking it, and as a result becoming open to demonic influence. So I just think that while the disorder can't be explained by labeling it "demon possession," that there are certainly demons involved. And perhaps when these are cast out then the person can be healed. Jesus is always the answer.
      Btw you guys should do some research on project monarch or mkultra, and you should also read about Kim Noble.

    16. Scott Schreiber Jewelry Design 78 months ago | reply

      uh huh......I'll stick with the best science has to offer.....which does't include any evidence of the supernatural yet......just questions that still await a scientific explanation.

    17. pan657 70 months ago | reply

      I enjoyed reading this page although it's been a few years since anymore has been posted. If you get this Karen please feel free to contact me on facebook my name is Steven Foerter and I think you have some interesting thoughts and an open mind. See if you like this video. I think you will. Hope to hear from you. Steve

    18. paradigm001111 10 months ago | reply

      this is incredible objective proof of the mind body connection. And here i am now recovered from a severe depression all the while thinking that poping a pill and laying in bed will heal me.
      NO thoughts lead to actions, and your personality beliefs what what its worth absolutely effect the out come of effects from pharmaceuticals especially.

      Even producing on of three effects, a benefit, neutrality, or side effects, and just perhaps a mixture of the 3.

      Why dont doctors teach this, why is this not taught in school. Many lives and much violence could be abolished, and in its place productive creative and fulfilling lives that contribute!

    19. smlboehm 6 months ago | reply

      Karen .
      On your proff have you done images of the brain while each different person has taken over, to show which parts of the brain were active and if there were noticable changes especially in allergies, diabetes, eye color blindness.

      I would likte to beable to open my mind enough to try even hyponoises to make my mind heal my body. And do an active diary of any sucess i have what ideas do you have to do this? SaraB

    20. smlboehm 6 months ago | reply

      I think doing a study of this would be great. I know i would want to do this, im sure there are other people who would want to also.
      But they have to want this, and have a few medical conditions that gives the best chance for success. Last note there where errors sorry i have a bad key board. Sarab

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