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Space Station Salvation VBS Flyer

Ok, so I put this off, and now it is due at the end of this week (at the end of tomorrow, eek). I still haven't worked out the kinks in the text, especially at the bottom, but I wanted to get some feedback from all you helppful folks.


Goal: To create a visual theme for Vacation Bible School, which would focus on attracting families from the neighborhood who do not attend the church. It also had to work in black and white because a lot of promotion will be done in house sans color.


Audience: The main neighborhood is an upper middle class suburb, with lots of highly educated young families.


Direction: I took some inspiration from old school comic books, and threw in a bit of movie poster feel. The rocket illustrations (in black and white) came with the materials purchased for the event, and the rest was created from scratch. If you are reading this far - illustrator trick: I made all the black and white stuff first, then made a new layer on top with quickly drawn shapes of color. I set the whole color layer to multiply, so I could just draw a new color over other colored areas, and the underlying color will not mix with the new color, because the layer is set to multiply, not the individual shapes. Hard to explain, but it worked out great and was very fast to colorize this.


Project: Vacation Bible School theme. There will be flyers, a yard banner, and web stuff. This is basically the flyer design, but will be adapted to other media.


Other important info: Looming deadline, last minute inspiration, fun times.

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Taken on May 12, 2011