Ferns On Stone

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    Minolta Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.4 (aperture unknown)

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    1. OR_U 22 months ago | reply

      delightful work! very inspirational!

    2. jswigal 22 months ago | reply

      Oliver Thanks! I had just turned off my camera and pulled it off the tripod when I turned around and saw this. I love the simplicity in the scene and it ended up being one of my favorite images from that day. Glad you like it! And yes: Sony is fantastic!

    3. matthewken4722 22 months ago | reply

      Critique incoming

    4. matthewken4722 22 months ago | reply

      First off, my bias, I'm not particularly found of abstract photography but I did really enjoy your shot "light cascade". I also heavily lean towards minimalism

      Technically, your image looks fine so I won't waste time here

      I like the subject matter, and the ferns in the stone, very attention grabbing, but I think your composition could be improved by shifting the fern up to the upper third especially with that crack on the left hand side to lead the eye up to the fern. In addition, it doesn't work out very often to have the subject on the upper third which i think would have draw some pop factor for you. The deep gash in the rock above the ferns helps with the composition you've chosen, but the subject is the fern and I find it to be awkwardly placed

      Another thought, from my minimalist tendances, I would love to see the white edited out of the top and the green edited out of the bottom which would also really help disquisition the composure by having the fern as firm boundary between the different colors.

      Another thing i would have played with is turning the image 180 just to see how it looks. I've found that it can help add to the wow factor as the viewer normally knows something is off, but can't quite place it and so it draws them in to figure out what is going on

      Personally, I find the shot to an enjoyable to critique but it won't last long in my head. Cheers!


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    5. Lissa** 22 months ago | reply

      I think that this is a very technically well-done photograph. Even with the aperture wide open, it appear that you have a crisp image all the way through, and you have captured excellent details in the shadows. I think this is really important for this kind of photograph which is really all about textures. The crispness and the deep DOF make this photo almost flat (and I mean this in a good way). I like the composition here a lot - the blue whites in the bottom right hand corner play off the dark browns and blacks in the upper right hand corner and bring balance to this image. I might crop a tiny bit off of the bottom; the bottom third is a tiny bit taller than the middle third (with the ferns and rock recess) and top third, which makes the photo feel a bit unbalanced. Trimming a tiny bit off the bottom I think would bring more harmony to this photograph. The ferns are a lovely pop of color in the middle and keep my eye focused there. I think my only "complaint" is that I think this image would play better in a series than standing alone. I see you have a lot of textural images in your photostream and I think it works better as one among many. But overall, very nice work.


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    6. Lissa** 22 months ago | reply

      I nominate this image for this week's pool contest.


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