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"The earth laughs in flowers." Author, e.e. cummings

Clouds of white for Gwendolyn It rained on Tuesday . . . my pansy Earth Day's First Light An old-fashioned taste of summer Happy Earth Day 3 Condo vinca 2 Queen Anne's Lace Bee Balm in the Herb Garden In D'Vine Gardens Condo welcome in summer Easter sunlight 2 Easters afterglow 2 Easter Morning Easter Lilly and Eggs Easter at dawn 1 Easter Lilly Gift Sunflowers 2 Jonquil Minis Impressionist Buttercups Photographic Sumi-e Bambo

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Puzzler4879 says:

Great set! Thanks for joining our growing Canon group. Please post your A580 or 590 IS work to our group pool often, and enjoy the group! John
Posted 102 months ago. ( permalink )

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nightshooter09 says:

Hi Jon/Puzzler4879. Thanks for your comments.

I wasn't sure about joining, since I'm using an A560 (just the older model, right?)

So I do appreciate your welcome here!

P.S. Please take a look at a recent shot, "without a whisper" ... a night shot with candles. This is really pushing that little camera to its max (which is one of my goals here at Flickr). Any suggestions from you or the group about how to add a message in the bowl without the noise for the Canon PowerShotA560?

The PSA560 does not have the image stabilizer.

I'm going to be watching all of you VERY CLOSELY!! ;D
Posted 102 months ago. ( permalink )

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lindaLOVEStaylor says:

I like the perspective on this shot.
Posted 98 months ago. ( permalink )

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