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Blue Sky Growing a Tree Branch in the Garden of Success

Small branch of a growing tree against deep blue sky. This picture is a good symbol for growth, success, natural beauty, stability, hope and a better future.


This picture was created by my valuable friend epSos.de and can be used for free, if you link epSos.de as the original author of the image.


This photo was created on a warm morning, in the spring, just before the buds of this cherry tree were about to bloom. So that this picture stands for a new beginning and renewal. So that this picture symbolizes the end of winter.


The light in this photo has special properties. This kind of light only reaches the earth when it is spring.


This picture also represents freedom, fertility, strength and vitality of a healthy environment with rich biodiversity. Just like in a healthy forest or a healthy field of an organic farmer.


The idylic composition of this photo is a result of perfect weather conditions that made this picture possible. There was almost no wind on the day as this photo was created and the few wind that was there was so warm, calm and soft that it nearly forced to feel happy.


epSos.de uses this photo as a wallpaper and as a background for blue PCs, because it looks clean and beautiful on any high defenition screen. And also, because the serene sky in this picture makes you feel relaxed.


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Taken on February 3, 2008