Upside Down
sérigraphie : "upside down" 39 x 76 cm (2009)
40 exemplaires datés, numérotés, signés.
réalisé par Alain Buyse, maître d'art sérigraphe (Lille, France)

new silkscreen print called "turn the world upside down"

Small edition of 40 numbered/signed prints on high quality paper.

The print was made from a sprayed acetate so that the result is very close to the aspect of a handsprayed original. Master printer Alain Buyse did an awesome job ! ( ).

all the red arrows were hand sprayed and placement varies on each print.

The print can be displayed in 3 different ways !
(two ways vertically and one way horizontally)

Available thru the French Art Studio in England ( ) and Raison D'art in France ( )

Oficial release on March 12th : at the London Affordable Art Fair (French Art Studio) and at the opening of my solo show at GalerieRaison d'Art (Lille, France)

300 euros / 270 British pounds
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