"Wake Up!" - édition
print / sérigraphie : "Wake Up !" (2008)

40 x 40 cm
edition: 50,
numérotées, datées et signées.
numbered, dates and signed.
impression : Olivier Marescaux, TTDMRT studios, Troyes (France)


"This print is important to me, as it was
the first stencil I ever cut, way back in 1982, from a photobooth selfportrait. The Mickey ears were added later. It has become as much a "trademark" as my red arrow !
I think I like this selfportrait for its energy, its "punk" and wild aspects, the way it can be seen as a shout as well as a laughter... The Mickey ears were added a while ago and they obviously state that I belong to the "Disney generation" even though I reject "Dysney Kultur" and all it implies ! The "Wake up" wording underlines this and means : come on, free yourself
from that consumer society and think for yourself, don't be a manipulated
Mickey ! The fact the print isn't on high quality paper but on cardpaper (like a vinyl album cover) adds to its "cheap punk" side!"
(Jef Aérosol, feb.2008)
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