Signal Gallery (London)
Signal Gallery is delighted to be presenting
the second solo show in London, by
legendary French street artist Jef Aerosol. Jef
is well known to London audiences, having
appeared in a large number of group shows
and in other venues for many years.
Jef is a household name in his native land. His
glamorous career has included being in various
bands including Open Road and Distant
Shores. He has been in the vanguard of the
vibrant French stencil art scene. His
distinctive and elegant artworks have graced
streets in France since 1982. Jef has
continued to produce new work and develop
his style and has shown all over the world.
Recent shows in New York, Japan and
Ireland are ample evidence of his irrepressible
spirit and talent.
For the show in Signal, called ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, Jef is celebrating the female form in
all its glory. Staying away from portraying celebrities, these women will anonymously
represent their sex. The works on show will sometimes hark back to familiar poster
imagery of ‘girls’ from the post-war years, while others will have a very
contemporary feel. However, it’s certain that Jef’s innate elegance and charm will be
strongly in evidence and show will be brimmed full of attractive and irresistible
About the show (by Jef)
'Girls, girls girls ! This is a show dedicated to women, a sexy show, a sensual show...
Women 's curves have always fascinated artists and I'm no exception!
Being quite inspired by the aesthetics of the 50s and 60s, I've always felt attracted to the pinup
style and the erotic imagery of those times.
And sexy girls have also always been one main rock'n'roll source of inspiration.
Later on, fishnets and lace have come back to the scene with the punk and goth trends.
The women shown in those brand new pieces aren't celebs or stars, but isn't every woman a
That's the reason why you can see stencils of red stars in all those new paintings!
Hope you enjoy that Hot Stuff'!
Private View: 6th May
Open: 7th – 22nd May
Signal Gallery, 96 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AA
Tel: 07766 057 212
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