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# 10 Far Horizons .... OR ... Leki's and Lowa's - Self-Portraits, or a diary of the things I have loved to, still love to or still would love to do ... | by peru2U.
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# 10 Far Horizons .... OR ... Leki's and Lowa's - Self-Portraits, or a diary of the things I have loved to, still love to or still would love to do ...

# 10 Hiking


Since I was a young girl, about 12, 13 years old, every spring, when the days grew longer and the air started to smell sweet - out of the middle of nowhere I was hit by an incredible forceful wanderlust ... my feet were itching, I was longing to walk, walk, walk for eternity and as far as possible, to explore the world, all unknown places and less travelled roads were calling me. My heart became heavy, it drove me completely mad, that I wasnt able to follow this desire ...


Short side-track, lol .... years later I was completely fascinated by reading about researches, that we all inherit the genes of forefathers and -mothers, who were living in nomadic tribes. That depressions were improving at once by - not too slowly - walking, that babies stopped crying immediately, if they were carried around exactly in the rhythm and speed of walking tribes. All this made absolutely sense to me and verified my feelings.


I was born at the coast of northern germany, and grew up close to the dutch border - flat landscape, as far as one could see, and whereas the horizons were calling me, nobody else seemed to hear it.

For sure nobody walked just to explore distant places.


People went for a after-lunch walks, strolled through marshes, grasslands, meadows, took the dog out .... but nobody would have thought about walking or hiking long-distances. Not to speak about doing all of this in special equipment.


It took decades, until I discovered it, and it took even longer, to start enjoying it. Lol. Amazing, one should have thought, that I got addicted to hiking at once.

In Switzerland, where I live now, its such a normal activity for many people - but for me it was more of a shock, everybody loved to walk UP-hill all the times. And even, when this nowadays doesn't any longer stress the hell out of me, I am much faster in walking flat paths or downhill (and I still love it more, lol, walking uphill made me so absolutely angry for long times, if I had breath left, I could have spit nails, lol, I couldnt breathe, I felt exhausted, I became so slow ... my genes are flat-land-genes, still, after so many years, lol). Oh, I am sooooo fast downhill ... but every little uphill slows me down to the speed of a snail.


But over the years something changed in me, and nowadays I can allow myself to walk in my own speed, not hurrying anymore, just walking slowly, breathing relaxed, smelling the sweet scent of the wildflowers, listen to the scream of the birds of prey (I saw eagles for the first time last year, and it moved me so deeply), feeling the wind, the rain, observing small animals (oh, yes, the snails, too, lol), alone in and with nature, silence, solitude. Doesnt need to be the most spectacular spot to reach or the highest mountain - just the mere fact of walking in nature, experiencing with all my senses is enough.


So wonderful - and close to bliss, too.


In hiking for hours or days ... the desire of the young girl to walk, walk, walk and never go back the same way, has found an expression.


The bliss of long-distance-walking is something, I tasted only a little bit. But its a vision for my future, I want to do it more,finding rhythm and moving forward, carrying only the bare essentials is such a feeling of freedom and independency, a meditative and spiritual journey.


Love stories ... hmmm ... yes.


Music....Voices of the Wind, Native American Flute, just because it expresses the feeling of longing, which the young girl felt, so appropriately ... but there would be many others, of tribes, of nomadic cultures ... all would fit.


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Taken on January 4, 2012