Roman Provincial Coinage RPC, SNG BM Spain
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The Romans famously left the governance of their provenances well-alone provided they stumped up with their annual tax revenues. Thus for much of the period of Roman conquest, their influence on provincial coinage can hardly be seen. So the exceptional coins in this set are marked precisely because they show Roman influence. These include three sample new-style Tetradrachms from Macedon and Athens, these having been introduced under Roman governance. One of these is the much studied coinage of Aesillas the Quaestor. Panormus in Sicily issued an extensive coinage of Janus-headed Asses with sometimes Roman typology - wolf and twins, magistrates names. Late in the Republic there are sporadic issues in the names of imperators and Roman warlords in the eastern provinces. Spain issued an extensive series on the Roman standard, including the silver denarius, for 150 years. Many of these are proto-Roman, for example Saturn-prow semisses with magistrates names. Really these were probably regular Roman coinage. Was it likely that small change would be shipped from Italy? No, of course not, and the issues in this set - as distinct from the (imitative) local small change issues - were probably Roman. Finally, the latest Roman province, further Gaul, issued dupondius from several cities in imperatorial times, these however I included in the set with the triumviral coinages.
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