Imitative and Locally made small change
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Locally produced coinages are amongst the main current study interests in the Roman Republic. It is a fast developing field and several experts are worth noting: Phil Davis for his work on Dacian imitation denarii of the first century BC, Clive Stannard for his work on the small change of Italy, Kris Lockyear for the export of Republican coins to Dacia, and Robert Freeman for Eraviscan copies of Republican coins. All have published in journals (in the case of Stannard and Freeman also in Essays Hersh). However by good fortune, Clive, Phil and Kris each have made their work available on the internet. That of Clive Stannard can be downloaded from and the developing work of Phil Davis can be found on . Kris can be found on . The missing element of the picture, still to be studied and hardly touched since Crawford's brief account in AIIN29 in 1982, is semi-official imitations, sometimes rather good so one wonder how unofficial, of official Republican bronzes in Italy and, separately, in Spain. This is in need of study.
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