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542/2 #9928-37 ANTONIVS AVG IMP III Mark Antony Text legend Denarius | by Ahala
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542/2 #9928-37 ANTONIVS AVG IMP III Mark Antony Text legend Denarius

Denarius. 33BC. 3.72grams. Asia camp Antony mint. Antony. Crawford 542/02 ANTONIVS AVG IMP III. Obverse: hd Antony r. Reverse: ANTONIVS AVG IMP III. Scarce. This coin has two obverses! Antony's name and titles appear on both sides.


Northumberland Smyth 1856:

ANTONIA — M(arcus) ANTONIVS, AVG(ur), IMP(erator) III. CO(n)S(ul) DES(ignatus) III(um)VIR, R(ei)P(ublicae) C(onstituendae). The bare and beardless head of Mark Antony regarding the right. Rev — ANTONIVS AVG(ur), lMP(erator) III, inscribed across the area, which is otherwise plain. This type was struck to celebrate the priestly augurship, a dignity which Antony obtained in 50 BC through Caesar's interest. A pretty expounder of the will of the gods such a compound of energy and idleness, irresolution and bravery, official enterprise and personal sensuality must have made! Tacitus, looking to the end, observes that the house Antonia was an illustrious one, but unfortunate.

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Taken on October 16, 2006