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Happy 10th Birthday Remo!!! | by mamaroo10 ~~Have a nice day!!! ;-))
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Happy 10th Birthday Remo!!!

Ninja Warrior Remo has also been tagged, so I have some info on our handsome boy below!!!! Happy Birthday sweet boy you have added so much love and joy to our home and I thank you!!!


1.) We adopted Remo from pet protectors and we had to guess on his age!!! he was picked up on the side of a highway as a young kitten!!! He ran to us in the basement of the foster home and started rubbing all over us!! WE all instantly fell in love!!!


2.) He eats , breaths,loves and lives for my sweet daughter Meghan!!! They bonded ten years ago and are now joined at the hip!!! He sleeps with Meghan every night and follows her around the yard like a dog would!!! He even watches Meg get on the bus every morning and he knows when the bus arrives each afternoon !!! When she gets off he runs to greet her and then rubs all over her backpack, it is so heartwarming to watch each day!!!


3.) Remo is not afraid of anything, fire works, loud lawn mowers!! He has even chased strange dogs off our property!!! He even keeps Lexi at bay and she does not like cats~~ but she stays away from Remo!! He is a true warrior!!!


4.) He loves to be outside, a bored indoor cat usually is a stressed cat and he is far from bored!!! He loves to run in the snow, sleet, rain and sun!!! He is very street smart and woods savy, he knows how to stay away from danger and is always on alert!!!


5.) He is a very clean cat, and prefers to use the great outdoors for his litter box!!! No scooping up after Remo, he is so easy to care for and very neat!!!!!


6.) He never makes a sound, no loud crying unless Pete bites his back, he will whine !!! He is very kind to everyone, he never bites or scratches any humans!! He rubs on strangers that we welcome into our home~!!!!


7.) He loves to purr, he purrs when he is sleeping, when he is eating, when he is running all day long!!! He purrs the most when he sees Meghan!!!


8.) He is not a picky eater, and he will eat any dry, wet, canned food that you feed him!! He loves to sit next to Meg and he waits for her to give him some cheese off her sandwich!!!


9.)Remo still gets frisky !! Pete & Remo will run around the house like two horses!!! He is the boss and he lets Pete know that by pinning him down!!!


10.) Remo loves to sleep in our canoe that is tipped and covered in our back yard!!! If we cannot find him we look there and he jumps out and starts purring!!! He is the best cat that I have ever owned!!! He knows when the garage door opens that someone is coming home and he waits on the sidewalk!!! he never gets locked in the garage he knows to run in or out when he hears the door moving!!!

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Taken on February 18, 2009