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Hatshepsut's Obelisk - Karnak Temple | by Camerons Personal Page
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Hatshepsut's Obelisk - Karnak Temple

Today was the Karnak Temple complex, the largest ancient temple in the world. It is so massive that you could literally spend a week in there and not see everything. I got lost several times wandering around with the tripod. My mind is thoroughly blown in a big way, we see things like Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate and marvel, all child's play compared to this place. I need a nap.


I’m only gonna drop this image on you at this point (see nap comment above) and this is by no means one of the good ones from the over 14 gigs shot at Karnak so far, but it’s pretty friggin’ neat anyway.


I love stuff like this!


This my friends is one of Queen Hatshepsut’s Obelisks created specifically for the Karnak Temple. She was the only female Pharaoh and most certainly was one bad ass bitch. Her son tried to erase her existence after she died but that’s a whole ‘nother story. This Obelisk is 97 feet tall and weighs a staggering 320 tons. It is cut out of bedrock from a single flawless piece of granite in the Aswan quarries, about 150 miles up river from Luxor and has been standing right here for over 3000 years. For sure this project took several years and untold thousands of man hours to complete.


We went to the moon, they did this.


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Taken on December 6, 2008