I guess you are wondering why I asked you all here today

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    1. Edson_Matthews 67 months ago | reply

      The title is the best part of this photo. I think I can sense an STO pun coming. Anyone taking odds that he'll say, "What a mesh!"

      --voted uncool

    2. CLCsPics 67 months ago | reply

      you call this chicken crap a pic...now get down on your knees and get in that pen and get us a real pic...pronto...

      so...uncool 2

    3. Ludie Cochrane 67 months ago | reply

      It could have been worse, I could have put this one up:

      Quiet everyone, he is looking

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    4. Mawhrin Skel 67 months ago | reply

      needs a fox



    5. Still The Oldie 67 months ago | reply

      You've been cooped up too long. You need to poulet better shot off your hard drive. But no cock up, promise?

      Actually, if you straighten this one, and boost the chickens to stand out from the fence more, it would be very publishable. Not sure about cool, but publishable.

      -Voted "uncool4" (from The Icebox)

    6. cwxyz75 67 months ago | reply

      I actually laughed when I read the title. I'll give you a cool just for that.


    7. DLH65 67 months ago | reply

      oh my, NO


    8. andertho 67 months ago | reply

      funny title, but the pic just is not that good


    9. jakerome 67 months ago | reply

      * Main Entry: uncool
      * Pronunciation: \ˌən-ˈkül\
      * Function: adjective

      1 : lacking in assurance, sophistication, or self-control
      2 : failing to accord with the values or styles (as of dress or behavior) of a particular group :not accepted or admired as cool or proper
      3: this photograph, according to The Icebox

      Throw it in the pile with the rest of the melted muck.
      Seen next to a fellow photo of the group "The Icebox: Kill it or Chill it!". (?)

    10. Ludie Cochrane 67 months ago | reply

      Somehow I did not think this one would fly, but the humor just make me hope the fowl picture might pullet off. . .

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

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