• I generally surf 3's and 4's which break around here.
  • Great pool to lounge around and not too deep for the kids to play safely.
  • Best pool though is behind the Royal Hawaiian (see earlier pic).

Waikiki Beach

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Yet *another* shot of the Royal Hawaiian ;-) This time taken from our balcony overlooking the hotel grounds and Waikiki Beach.

Waikiki, Hawaii.

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  1. Dantelespagnol [  Dead  ] 56 months ago | reply

    Really beautiful view as usual !!
    Now i know where i ll spend my summer holiday ^^

  2. Schlüsselbein2007 56 months ago | reply

    wow. jealous much

  3. Scott Smith (SRisonS) 56 months ago | reply

    Amazing view!!!!

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  4. patrick_the_higs 56 months ago | reply

    Haha how much do you love Hawai'i? You've got several shots from there IIRC.

    Looks good, so much color

  5. /\ltus 56 months ago | reply

    Thanks y'all! Yeper, wide-angle on this and most of my other shots.

    Here's a pic of that small round pool at night:

    Hawaii 2010

  6. dimitryroulland 56 months ago | reply

    Extra ! J'adore la sensation de profondeur ;)

  7. Mona Hura 56 months ago | reply

    Altus, this has to be the most incredible photo of the Pink Palace that I've ever seen! Excellent choice to use the Fisheye.

  8. 1987porsche944 56 months ago | reply

    What a view! That water is so amazingly blue, I've never seen water that blue before! It looks like it's shallow pretty far out.

  9. sophiayoung 56 months ago | reply

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  10. henryjones1983 55 months ago | reply

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  11. Alya asq 41 months ago | reply

    Wow , i like the photo and i like the place also <3 _ <3

  12. David E Finol 41 months ago | reply

    The water beckons me.

  13. samed1985 34 months ago | reply

    wow nice picture...hawaii beach

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