Garn Boiler
At a farmers' conference in 2007, Rick heard a talk about alternative energy which included a discussion about wood gasification boilers. Since we have a big old drafty house, 160 acres of forest, and dreams of having a heated greenhouse, Rick figured this was worth pursuing. He thoroughly researched the topic that winter and decided on a Garn, which has 2000 gallons of onboard thermal storage. We ordered the boiler in May of 2008; it arrived in October. Then Rick tackled the installation project, doing all the design, plumbing, and wiring himself, including the complex task of connecting the new boiler to our existing oil boiler, which serves as a backup. The Garn (we call her Greta!) went into operation in October 2009. Rick credits the guys in's Boiler Room for helping him along the way.
-- Marilyn
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