• iPod hiding behind letter opener
  • Tangerine "iMac" alarm clock
  • Wacom graphic tablet
  • "What's that penguin doing there?"
    "I can see that! I mean, where did it come from?"
  • HP-45 Calculator. The calculator no one borrows.

    "Hey, where's the 'EQUALS' key?"
  • Swiss Army Knife, flash drives, H.P. Lovecraft paperweight
  • Don't ask. Seriously.
  • PowerMac 5500/225
  • Apple Extended Keyboard.

    20 years old. Works perfectly.
  • cDc poster, snagged from the Suite of the Elite at Defcon, sometime during the last millennium.
  • Boston has THE BEST trash!
    ViewSonic A70 monitor, grabbed off the curb one step ahead of the trash pickup.
  • SKYPE headset.
  • SpeakerPhone microphone, Griffin PowerMate controller, Palm IIIe cradle.
  • Merry Christmas!

Current Macintosh system

Newer Older

450 Mhz Blue and White, OS X 10.3.9, ViewSonic monitor, Apple ColorOne 600/27 scanner and 4/600 PS LaserWriter.

Apple Extended Keyboard (Best. Keyboard. EVER.)

HP45 calculator, Western Electric 4A SpeakerPhone, 12 number Touch a Matic autodialer and 2500 'Desk' phone.

Creative Labs speakers, Wacom tablet, second gen 10 gig iPod, Microsoft IntelliMouse.

  1. Allyson13 99 months ago | reply

    Creative Labs rules! Nice set up, Chris!

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