Stereo Realist Story: A History through Advertising
These images were meant to be part of a book that was in the works since 1981, but never published. Susan Pinsky and David Starkman started assembling copies of these pages of advertising of the Stereo Realist camera, and it's comprehensive accessory line, over 30 years ago. We never finished it gathering all the various ads or information we wanted to include. Time passed and we now feel it's just too interesting to pass up sharing, so here it is what we currently have on

Enjoy its impressive advertising campaign and let us know if we've missed something. We know there's still plenty out there to find. We have more to add, but even that takes time. It's currently April 2016 and there will be more added to this album on the great history of the Stereo Realist, the inventor Seton Rochwite, and the assorted related people, clubs and companies who left their mark with fabulous three dimensional photography for the people.

Susan Pinsky and David Starkman
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