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Papers Please [Explored Apr 28, 2010 #43] | by DrCuervo
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Papers Please [Explored Apr 28, 2010 #43]

Please indulge me as I step on my soapbox:


On Friday, April 23, 2010 Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law SB 1070. This bill is designed to identify people suspected of being an illegal immigrant, detain, prosecute, and deport them. This bill will go into effect in less than 90 days and when it does it will be THE harshest anti-immigrant law in the United States.

In a nutshell this bill will require that all Arizona Law Enforcement Officials demand proof of citizenship of ANYONE suspected of being an illegal immigrant. If said suspect cannot immediately show citizenship documentation said suspect will be arrested.

One government official says he can identify an undocumented immigrant by their shoes!

This Bill constitutes the legalization of and mandates racial profiling by Arizona Law Enforcement. If you look like a Latino, have brown skin, look out of place, you are assumed to be an illegal until you produce proof that you are a citizen. The government of Arizona has turned their law enforcement officers into their Political Fascist Police. This will undermine the trust that honest police officials have worked so hard to create with their communities.




Have we learned NOTHING from our history? Slavery of African Americans.

The rampant discrimination of the Irish in the early 1800's.

The horrible prejudice of Italian immigrants in the 1900's.

The Japanese internment camps on US soil in 1942.

The Holocaust during WW2.

Well, now we can add this Anti-Immigration Bill of 2010.

To be persecuted by the color of your skin is one of humanity's biggest crimes against itself and it is now legal to do so in Arizona.

This is such a slippery and very steep slope that the Arizona government is on.

Will they be creating internment camps for all the Latinos that will be rounded up? Technically NO immigrant is exempt from this law. How many times will you or I be stopped and asked to show proof of citizenship? Last year i had the pleasure of going to my high school reunion in Arizona. I grew up there. As much as it pains me I will not be returning there any time soon, if ever. For I am boycotting the state.

Illegal immigration is a serious issue and it's rampant in the Southwest. For decades every administration has either done little to reform immigration or has been stopped by Congress or Lobbyists. But this law is not the answer.


I'm just an artist with virtually no political sway save my right to vote and my 1st Amendment Right to Free of Speech. So I'm gonna use it and I encourage you to do the same if you feel likewise about SB 1070. I refuse to sit on the sideline stewing in my disgust and rage over this bill.

The image above is inspired by artist Glenn Grohe who designed a poster for the Office of Emergency Management during World War 2. In his poster there was an ominous image of a German soldier with the words "He's Watching You". This was the image conjured in my head the day SB 1070 was signed.


I will offer this image in high resolution under Creative Commons, Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives License. So I encourage anyone who sees this image to share it, email it, link to it, change your social network icon, Print your own posters and protest signs, spread the word. Anyone with a Flickr account can access the high resolution version on this page.

Everyone else can access it on my PhotoBucket page or contact me via my profile.

I'll be spending quite a bit of time in the next week or so writing to members of Congress, newspapers, Civil Liberty Organizations, and President Obama to express my outrage and to implore them to do the right thing.





This image cc by-nc-nd Creative Commons, Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives License 2010.


If you wish to express your outrage and support the repeal I've set up a Cafe Press site to get tee shirts, posters, bumper stickers, and other items.


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Taken on April 28, 2010