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Its Just a Sandbox | by Zach Dischner
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Its Just a Sandbox

So for any of you who don't know me or haven't seen much of my stream my favorite place on earth is the Great Sand Dunes National Park, in Colorado. I mean you're driving on this intensly straight road, in an immensly flat and valley, and BAM! These things slowly make themselves apparent. Just tucked into the Sangre De Cristos are this AMAZING huge piles of sand. Kinda unreal! This was my first of hopefully many trips down this year.


UNFORTUNATELY...I only got a few shots of the things (like this one, taken from the road as I was dissapointedly driving away.)

When we got there and I routinely asked for a backcountry permit to hike into and camp out inside the dunes themselves, I was given some condecending ranger who absolutely would not have it. They were out of parking spots. Though they have unlimited backcountry permits, someone sitting behind a desk decided to limit the ammount of parking spots they'd allow for the weekend.

Seriously? I mean overcrowding their own campspots I can understand, but just not allowing more cars to park in an obviously empty parking lot while (paying) visitors go adventure in the dunes? Thats horse shit. I talked to more rangers who knew that the lots weren't even close to full, but it was some beuracratic decision that holds precidence.

Luckily we ended up hiking up into the Sangres and had a good weekend but still, beurocracy screwing with my adventures really bugs me. Aren't Natl parks the government's property-and as a tax paying citizen isn't it MY land to go play on? I'm not destroying the habitat, causing problems, making messes, just enjoying what should be open to enjoy.

Same thing happend when we tried to drive over a mountain pass a few days before. Get halfway up, and there is a big gate closing it off. I understand that it might have some snow, or ice, or whatever, but I'm a big dumb teenager and I am OKAY to find that on my own.

I don't want or need someone precsribing my outdoor experience.


Okay sorry everyone I haven't ranted for about a week so thought it was about time.


Happy Monday!

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Taken on May 28, 2011