Sunday #27

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    Assignment #6: Me and My Shadow

    We've received reports of something really strange - a girl with a detached shadow. Whatever she does, her shadow does something completely different. These are still unconfirmed reports, so we need you to find her and photograph her so that we can have evidence that she actually exists and Agent Mulder can open a file on her.

    This was a difficult shot for me, for many reasons. It was a difficult day, all of the original ideas I had for the assignment weren't working, and I was whiny. To name a few. Steve did all of the photoshop work on the cloning here, plus he dealt with my whinyness. Not sure what I would do without him.

    1. robotkarateman 95 months ago | reply

      Stupid sunlight. The shadow looks totally fake.

    2. TheAmazingShrinkingMan 95 months ago | reply

      I have the same problem with my shadow.

    3. Jennoit 95 months ago | reply

      Love this, Valette. The subtle shade of the shadow is perfect in its sneekyness.

    4. Valette 95 months ago | reply

      Thanks guys!

    5. Melissa Shelby 95 months ago | reply

      I love the fact that you can't see the sword in the thumbnail. I was expecting sweet and pretty and then -- wham! What a great idea!

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