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a type of wavy bridge, this is the old wooden joogly brig. (it replaced the old ford a few yards upstrem, when it was washed away in a big flood) a bit of a rollercoaster of a bridge, supported by steel wires embedded into the ground at the many points on the was built by a local joiner david taylor, it was a lamination of bolted wooden spars. to form one gentle curve over the 60ft river span, but the weight of the bridge caused it to buckle. causing an extra rise in the middle, and over the many years this caused it to become unsafe. being demolished in 1966. great fun as a child fishing from it, and trying to get to the birds nests built underneath it for a prized egg for the collection, (not frowned upon in those days) often resulting in a drop into the river below. or to go racing over it on a bike, which often resulted in many cuts, bumps, and bruises, and sometimes worse. when you found yoursef in mid air with nowhere to go. on stormy days it would shiver and shake in the high winds, and throw you from side to side, scary until you got used to it. it spanned the river borthwick, (borthwick water) between branxholme woodfoot, and borthaugh cottages, linking the teviot valley, with the borthwick valley. used to cross this bridge every day to get the school bus to town, the scene has not changed much - a couple of trees away, and borthaugh covet on the hill has grown a lot bigger, this was the day in 1966 that the old bridge was demolished. being dropped into the river below, dragged out then broken up, a very sad day for this very old rural landmark, it was replaced by an effective but not so nice to look at green metal footbridge,. my mum watched it coming down and remembers it well, i was at school that day and crossed it for the last time, to get the borthwick valley bus. had to use the teviot valley bus for a long time, until the new footbridge joogly 02 was built. hawick, scottish borders, scotland. for more detail, view large.


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Taken on August 16, 2011