Where's my donut?

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I am the 99%

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  1. nixter 30 months ago | reply


    -Voted 'delete10' (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group) using csratr

  2. wandalouzy 30 months ago | reply

    Jack Milton's delete9 does not count, but I'll delete11 this one

    "Deleted by DeleteMe Uncensored"

    Your submission has been voted as unworthy of the Lightbox and given a delete10 by the highly qualified fo-toe editors of the DeleteMe Uncensored Group.

    Please add a small size of your fo-toe to The Deleted Picture Repository.

  3. Pacdog 30 months ago | reply

    I'm sadden to see them bags, but I'm all for donuts!

  4. Jakes_World 30 months ago | reply

    PACCY!!! oh you dog, you are viewwhoring for Jaker again... yet again...

  5. Jakes_World 30 months ago | reply

    speaking of hoors... Paccy? surgery??

  6. Pacdog 30 months ago | reply

    Left hand was sugeried.. get pins and stitches out Tues. then right hand in December.

  7. ther-esa 30 months ago | reply

    "viewwhoring for jaker"

    Did JW ever figure out that Jake gave the link to her account to that blog?

  8. jakerome 30 months ago | reply

    Of course I did! He was going to quote JW in the article. But the journalist was confused and thought that was my account. Given the wide readership of the article, I didn't think it worth anyone's time to attempt to fix the error.

  9. Jakes_World 30 months ago | reply

    therrr?? WTF? what blog? I do miss ya
    Therrr, and U of all people know I never figure out anything. To include the Giraffe on your pole pic.... hehheh remember THAT one???

    Troll person (AKA JakeRome) WTF??? no, seriously, WTF. WHAT BLOG. NOW... pLEASE

  10. Jakes_World 30 months ago | reply

    we could have fixed this once and for all.. if you had only MET ME FOR LUNCH you lame person. I TOLD Lee I would wait at the dang airport.. but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    At least Leesure knows we are not the same person.. he was with U and on phone with me at same time.. :)

  11. Jakes_World 30 months ago | reply

    We BOTH joined September 2004.. who knew we would become "the same persona" in the fluckerverse... out of the 2050 people that actually joined in 2004, and got booted from GNE.

    go figure.

  12. chloe & ivan 30 months ago | reply

    I gotta idea.
    So far others who I need think it is funny.
    We will see in the am.

  13. ther-esa 30 months ago | reply

    some well known blog. Techcrunch maybe

  14. ther-esa 30 months ago | reply

    I do remember something about a giraffe (f2me) and a pole

  15. Jakes_World 30 months ago | reply

    Therr.. yeah, it was your pic of a Postal office pole that looked like a barber pole.. and yes, there were questions as to the identity of the giraffe (or me) . Jim Skea was in on it, so must have been in DeleteMe.

  16. espinozr 30 months ago | reply

    2071 views? hehe Dude, you are freaking awesome.

  17. chloe & ivan 29 months ago | reply

    omg I might have to eat a donut for irony.

  18. chloe & ivan 18 months ago | reply

    That was so fun!

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