Festival of Britain 1951, Land Travelling exhibition, 'People at Work' section, designed by H A Rothholz
The Land Travelling Exhibition was a mobile component of the Festival, travelling to Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Nottingham, chosen because they were considered the four main inland centres of industry. Comprising about 5,000 exhibits, transported in 100 lorries, the exhibition aimed to depict ‘the story of the British People and their environment, their way of living, and their achievements in technology and industrial design’. The Guardian, in an evocative account of the opening day, described it as ‘a series of magnificent shop windows, the bringing to life of a day-dream from the very best glossy magazines. It is informative, imaginative, in parts strikingly beautiful, and always - excessively, some people may feel – elegant.’ Designer Arnold Rothholz, whose archive is held at the Design Archives was commissioned to design the ‘People at Work’ section, which presented the gas turbine jet aircraft to demonstrate ‘the immense vigour of British industry’.
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