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poetry, THIS HEAT CAME TOO SOON, 3-13-2012 (environmental warming & effect on people too) | by Birder23
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poetry, THIS HEAT CAME TOO SOON, 3-13-2012 (environmental warming & effect on people too)



for humans and birds,

flowers and trees

with pollen ones sneeze

with poor lungs once weeze...

collapse unable to breathe...

embarrassed, 3 hrs "hyperventilating"

that was my day... I even moved somethings....

to make room for an AC

AFTER my landlady gets a man to

REFIX my window to be sure

that too much storm water

will not attack her ceiling!!

I am cooking in this attic....

some windows are open

they now say to expect this the next springs



Spring came during winter

Summer came the first day of spring

God only knows about autumn...

my concern is for the beings:

the birds nesting early...

uneasy lest frost hits hard

tornados making more homeless


THE EARTH REALS WITH 7.6 earthquakes in Mexico today...

oh what can I say... to you dear ducks

I dare not buy another canary

till I know I can afford an AC

perhaps I should move in with a bonded bird

into a shaded tree....


Oh don't get me wrong, the leaves aren't out yet

and I'm too spent to walk today!!

it's only March 20... I have more to move

need to get spring clothes out

summer ones RIGHT NOW!!

my camera murmered at me for letting it rest

with the sun and popping life the best!!

sorry three hours with a cold towel around my neck

no I have no deck...

just decide the setting to roast me dear...

i'll have to sleep till 6 to recoup all year!!


dear friends, avoid the tornados, the floods, heat strokes,

dear birds avoid the lack of habitat

elderly birds do survive, I care!!!

the quality of the air... I felt it today...

I hope you three ducks living on an island will get a break....

the food you need from the creek,

the water not eva[porate away!!


So I'll go read early, and hope my friends survived

this crazy weather round the country...

from snow, floods, to heat strokes!!


Cheer on the birds... pep them up

ceer on your neighbors... peak in on them

cheer on those on oxygen, with other disorders...

let's help keep the world...

in some good order...

and do not end SSI & Medicaid,

most are not minorities...

many of us had accidents

and strange maladies...


thanks for listening,

I love you my friends

and friends of my birds,

are friends of yours!!


--Elaine Hull

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Taken on March 12, 2012