Wreck of battleship Almirante Oquendo

On board rusted out wreck from the Spanish American War, the Spanish battleship Almirante Oquendo, which ran aground in 1898. 1899.


Name of Expedition: Allison V. Armour Expedition

Participants: Charles F. Millspaugh, Edward P. Allen, Edward S. Isham Jr.,Jordan L. Mott Jr.

Expedition Start Date: December 21, 1898

Expedition End Date: March 11, 1899

Purpose and Aims: Plant collecting and photography for Botany in the Bermuda, Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Yucatan.

Vessel Name: Utowana (Yacht, Sailboat)

Location: Central America, Cuba


Original material: Hand Colored Lantern Slide

Digital Identifier: CSB4304c


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