desert road trip

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if you've ever driven through the Arizona desert on I-10, you've probably seen about a dozen signs that say, "THE THING?" or "What is THE THING?" This is my own LEGO Tribute to that long stretch of road.

several covers in this moc:
cactus is something brickpoor saw at brickworld, teardrop camper by Bill Ward, and Willy jeep by Mike Psiaki.

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  1. SavaTheAggie 63 months ago | reply

    You know when you see a sign that says "See 'The Thing' 900 Miles" you're in for a long, long trip.

  2. Mdrn~Mrvls 63 months ago | reply

    That's incredible.

  3. SavaTheAggie 63 months ago | reply

    And who can forget the sign "Touch a real Indian!" No, I'm not making it up. And somewhere past the continental divide on I-10 is a rock in the middle of nowhere near the side of the road that's been tagged in white spraypaint "Fraggle Rock".

  4. Sir Nadroj 63 months ago | reply

    Great cacti.

  5. Karf Oohlu 63 months ago | reply

    Very nicely done all over.

  6. wagner of the brick 63 months ago | reply

    thanks for the great comments everyone.

    Sounds like you've driven that stretch before, Sava! it seems like as soon as you get out of El Paso headed west you start seeing those dang signs. Very effective marketing, though, cause there's nothing else to do but wonder, what the heck is "THE THING?!" for hundreds of miles. Haven't seen the "touch a real Indian" sign, that sounds hilarious. I'll make sure I look for it next time.

  7. SavaTheAggie 63 months ago | reply

    Yeah, one of the great adventures of my life. My college buddies and I decided that on my final Spring Break we'd all drive down to Vegas to witness another buddy and his girlfriend get married (they're far from traditional people so they were perfectly happy with a vegas wedding). The happy couple flew in, the rest of us decided to make it a road trip, so we all piled in to a friend's SUV and drove from College Station, Texas to Vegas, just about 24 total drive hours.

    We didn't stop to see "The Thing!", but we took note of all the signs. We did stop at a few places, though. Lot's of nice, genuine folks out that way, but I guess when you live in the desert being honest and generous is the only way to live.

  8. Mike Byrnd 63 months ago | reply

    Been to AZ several times but never seen "The Thing?" signs. Excellent image, the cactus and Bill Ward's camper look perfect rendered.

  9. SavaTheAggie 63 months ago | reply

    "The Thing" is located in deep southeast Arizona, east of Tucson. If you've never been south of Phoenix or on I-10 I wouldn't be surprised.

  10. Model Gal 62 months ago | reply

    Man, I've seen those signs WAY too many times! I stopped once at the place with The Thing, but never checked it out. My dad did though, from the pictures, you're not missing much if you don't stop. ;)

  11. evildead1980 62 months ago | reply

    I have a moc that is very similar to this one, but mine is more apocaliptic and this one is just beautiful!

  12. scarthehellfish 61 months ago | reply

    you laugh at the frist one. but you see the one that says you passed it. and you gotta go back. and its never really worth it. not one stud out of place.

  13. obscurance 61 months ago | reply

    Very realistic!!

  14. MotorHolio 61 months ago | reply

    Having visited The Thing, I can truly say this is a great rendition.....

  15. Becheman 41 months ago | reply

    Is this POV-Ray? It looks much cleaner than anything I've seen so far... Nice work!

  16. wagner of the brick 41 months ago | reply

    Yep, it's POV-Ray, that's why it looks so clean and shiny. thanks!

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