Winter Solstice Ride 2009
Mojo and I did our annual Winter Solstice ride today (a day before the actual solstice). This ride sometimes takes the form of the Winter Solstice Double Century (cancelled last weekend due to rain), but this year was a 90-mile ride in Napa and Lake counties. The weather was cold but tolerable ... until about 25 miles from the finish, when it started to rain. Mojo had tire problems and ended up huddling around a wood-burning stove in a local store some ten miles from the end.

One of the high points of our day was watching "Yoga Lady" do calisthenics in her parked car in Calistoga. The photos speak for themselves.

Low point was riding the in rain on an unfendered bike, knowing that at home was a fully fendered bike that I just spent the entire afternoon yesterday fendering. FML
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