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    1. k . s 93 months ago | reply

      great design. what firm do you work for?

    2. p2an 93 months ago | reply

      this is not for the firm i work for, but a private commission that my GF and i got through a small competition held by the client.

    3. arnd Dewald 93 months ago | reply

      Very cool render style and I think the building will also look pretty good when being built.

    4. p2an 93 months ago | reply

      it's nice to hear positive comments about this project, we have sometimes been a bit unsure of how it developed.
      below is the image we will use on the builders board onsite. decided to keep it a bit more like an illustration.

    5. arnd Dewald 93 months ago | reply

      I like that one pretty much due to the contrast and dark tones in it. But the dark part (door?) draws a bit too much attention for my taste, maybe you should brighten up that a little bit. Dont' know, it's just a feel I already had in mind when I saw it in your stream.

    6. p2an 93 months ago | reply

      there is a metal panel next to the glazed entry door, laser cut with a design by an amsterdam artist. in the first image i hadnt received the design so i left it light grey. i also got quite used to the plain version.

      this weekend we have to make a final decision on the exact colour of the metal work, door frames, artwork and balustrading. it is a matter of how dark is the grey...

    7. arnd Dewald 93 months ago | reply

      The design is nice, I just meant that it would be good for the homogenic appearnece of the elevation if it was not that dark. Not that it would be bad, I like both versions very much but I just wonder if it would look even better.

    8. p2an 93 months ago | reply

      yeah, well this is the big issue atm.
      due to there already being enough different materials in the project we want to try and keep the number of colours down.
      our intention is to make the artwork and the windows frames next to it read as a cohesive whole rather than separate elements. now whether they are dark grey or light...tricky question.

    9. primabeeld 93 months ago | reply

      I took some pictures of the same Land Cruiser in the same street about three weeks ago... :-) It was about where this pic was taken: www.flickr.com/photos/38576997@N00/835859484/

    10. p2an 93 months ago | reply

      yup, thats the neighbour...
      prima: feel free to shoot our house as it goes up :)
      you seem to spend a fair amount of time on Ijburg.

    11. primabeeld 93 months ago | reply

      I will, maybe we meet there one time..

    12. primabeeld 93 months ago | reply

      At that time I had an assignment to show the feeling of "pionieren". It was an assignment from the OGA (Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Amsterdam).

    13. p2an 93 months ago | reply

      these families are the first 'settlers' of a new land. that's true - and the assignment explains your Ijburg 'obsession'.

    14. lakej2507 93 months ago | reply

      well sport I,ve seen the project and it seems nice although a little City Beach for my liking. Maybe all that time in Amsterdam has softened you a little. Whats the interior like? Does the timber appear internally or is it purely to satisfy the local authority. Got to go now. Atelier Bow Wow are in town and about to give a lecture.

    15. p2an 93 months ago | reply

      lake, amsterdam has mellowed me so much you wouldn't believe it. and what are those dogs doing in Perth? pity i'm going to miss an event that will for sure bring out the whole of Perth's incestuous architecture scene, i would have loved to say hi to mr matthews and ms hill.

    16. lakej2507 93 months ago | reply

      Yes incestuous it is but thats what happens in a small isolated city. I have just realised that you have also just begun on site. Thats great news, I thought it was just another project that was going to go straight into the folio. Looking forward to the site photos. I promise no more smartass comments....really!

    17. juanrodriguez001 92 months ago | reply

      Nice, very Architectural...Definitely presentation quality.

    18. p2an 69 months ago | reply

      surprised i never cross referenced this render to the final project

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