Lubbock Heart Hospital, Dec 16-17, 2005

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    My mom's heart monitor while recovering from having a couple of stints put in.

    UPDATE 5-19-07: Welcome, visitors from Wired News Blogs! (This picture was used in an article about John Ashcroft being visited in the hospital by Alberto Gonzalez a couple of years ago, when they were present and future Attorneys General.)

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    1. Patron Saint PR ages ago | reply

      This image was used on the Health Care Reform Now! Blog. You can view the post at this URL:
      If you wish any changes to the attribution please notify us so that we may implement them. Thanks for using Creative Commons!

    2. TV Mole 115 months ago | reply

      I've used your photo in my blog at with a credit and link back to this page. Many thanks for sharing under CC.

    3. WBUR 112 months ago | reply

      We've used your image for an online companion to our radio documentary series, Inside Out. It is called "Quality of Death, End of Life Care in America". We're basically covering the challenges in America to proper end of life planning and a "respectful death." We loved your image and we feel it helped us convey the seriousness of the topic visually. Please let us know if you have any changes to the credit given. Thank so much for sharing with us and using CC.

    4. aback account [deleted] 109 months ago | reply

      Nice photo, wanted to let you know that I used it in a post at my blog at

    5. christopher.doherty 108 months ago | reply

      Sweet picture!

      We used it for this post over at the Man-Nurse Diaries. Thanks!

    6. FranTatt 104 months ago | reply

      Really good picture, thanks for sharing it. I used it in my lecture on medical ethics.

    7. roryb31 102 months ago | reply

      That is a great shot! Love it! Hope your mom is doing well. Your shot is perfect for our site on medical translation and editing. We really appreciate your putting your photo up at Flickr with a Creative Commons license. Your photo is at our site at Your name is under your photo and links to our credits page at Your name is listed there and links to your profile here at Flickr. Thanks again!

    8. BundleHQ 96 months ago | reply

      Thank you for making this creative commons! We loved your photo so much, we're using it to illustrate a story called "Do One Thing: Appeal a health insurance claim denial (time: 2 hrs.)" Check it out here:

    9. joeldelara56 94 months ago | reply

      Thanks for making this creative commons. I have used it on the Eulogy Magazine website at:, with credit and a link to this page. Cheers!

    10. kaferico 92 months ago | reply

      Thx for sharing this pic under CC license. I will be using it to create a digital story for a math course. The plot of the story is how a person track his weight over several months and he creates a scatter plot, find the line-best-fit, and make predictions with this equation.

    11. CarFuseo 87 months ago | reply

      We've just used this photo in one of our blog posts.
      Here's the link for you:

    12. kipatnamestovo 82 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing this great picture! Used your image in blog post with link to this page.

    13. runneralan2004 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the Creative Commons license on this terrific photo. We used the image on the Science & Enterprise blog; see

    14. massimopaolini 56 months ago | reply

      Great image. I used it on my post Google Algorithm Change November 2013. The post was published on November 29, 2013.

    15. lavonneaet 31 months ago | reply

      I used your photo in my medical English app. Thank you!

    16. National Disability Institute 16 months ago | reply

      Hi there! We've used your photo in our blog:
      Thanks for sharing it!

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