• 400 pixels tall -dayum big product image. When you mouseover, you get 'search inside' options.
  • "buy box" simplified - a bit. Still clunky, imho. Swapping the "action" area here with the "content" area on the right feels a bit wrong too. My muscle-memory wants to take me to the top-right to buy. Amazon's spent years training us that way.
  • Missing Left Nav Bar - not really much was there, probably a good choice to reclaim real estate.
  • Probably the most important item to a customer - still kinda hidden away.
  • What got knocked down below the fold? "Write a Review", "Email a friend", "Write a SYL guide", "Rate this item", "Used & New" is only mentioned once now. All of this is still on the page, just lower.


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Amazon's apparently experimenting with a new "detail page", and um, my reactions in order are: "Damn - ginormous image", "Where's the 'buy' button - oh, on the other side", and "What's missing? Oh yeah, the left nav bar". Page size is still big ~156k for the HTML alone (the old version is 151k).

  1. billturner 110 months ago | reply

    Weird, I don't get this layout. Even for the Davinci code.

  2. kokogiak 110 months ago | reply

    Yeah - they are likely doing an A-B test, where some percentage randomly gets one view, and others get the old view. That's why I put a screen grab up here, for posterity too.

  3. ChicagoSage 110 months ago | reply

    Their new page needs some tweaking, but they are definitely going in the right direction by reducing the clutter on the Amazon screen.

  4. miskan 110 months ago | reply

    I like the "Other Views". It would be cool if they did the same for DVDs, and had screenshots from within the movie.

  5. Edward Betts 82 months ago | reply

    Amazon screenshots are not Creative Commons.

  6. ZachCoelius 78 months ago | reply

    Wow, it sure was nice of nice of Amazon to let you keep this screen shot up. We have an Amazon Associate blog and I hear of them ordering these pictures taken down all the time.

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