• never, ever speed up for a yellow light.

friday night lights

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  1. Eric van der Meer 71 months ago

    cool !! ...good shot !

  2. marilyn2d 71 months ago

    You are part wild woman-
    very creative and exciting and shows wildness and fun
    the saturation is just right-colors brilliant---nice car too...........:-)

  3. CaseyJ* [deleted] 71 months ago

    Lightport to Bokehverse will begin in T-9 seconds

  4. Innercreation Photography 71 months ago

    Zoooom!!! Great effect!

  5. yui503cx 70 months ago

    Very cool shot

  6. Alesfra 70 months ago

    I like it very much. It's a really great work !!!

  7. verjac 70 months ago

    fantastic! you're so creative! love the car too ;-)

  8. kayodeok 70 months ago

    Lovely motion blur; great colours as well

    Seen in The Best: BRAVO

  9. Dusty Pixel 70 months ago

    This is a great shot and brilliant idea – congrats! I was sad to hear you used a tripod. I was holding out for a more wild side - cruise control, hair in the wind and steering with your left foot. Total Disregard!

  10. kubse 70 months ago

    great picture, wow!!

    I like this more, try it: View On Black

    best wishes, m.

  11. Oncejakphoto 70 months ago

    Vibrant.... and with such a feel of motion as well.

  12. drsphoto 70 months ago

    This is really an awesome shot!

  13. u c c r o w 70 months ago

    did you tie yourself up on the top of the car? :) amazing shot..

  14. Pixel Addict 70 months ago

    extreme coolness! well done lynn.

  15. Anamae . 70 months ago

    Impressive capture ! The colors and light trails are magificent !

  16. Pater JPM 70 months ago

    man, that is cool and a little frightening....

  17. Rick Elkins 70 months ago

    Elegant, dynamic, kinetic and happily portraying a complete lack of concern for the statutes of Canadian driving law.

  18. Carlo Rapisarda 68 months ago

    nice shot

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  19. Luis Javier Arrillaga 68 months ago

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Guns & Roses (post 1, Award 3) Invite Friends, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  20. SwedishFury [deleted] 61 months ago

    Love this - especially like the blue and red lights which are just spectacular - amazing.

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