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Victory Park, Moscow-11/10/2006

There is this place, deep within us, where the only thing that makes sense is guaranteeing each of us in this world the same opportunities for life. In the history of mankind, most that we have entrusted with this responsibility have violated that trust.


As time passes, you'd think we'd discover a better path to global fulfillment. Instead, we are ingnoring the clock that is ticking down to our demise.


Forget about them and us.


Let's start with us; us in Africa, us in Asia, us in Europe, us in the Americas, us as one voice with one goal.


We've seen some pretty nasty behavior over the years. We're witnessing deplorable acts today.

We need to put an end to this; not appoint someone to mishandle the task.

We need to do it.



By going out into the rain and helping someone.

Then, going out into the rain and helping someone else.

Don't impose your views, beliefs or issue promises of a better way.

Be the better way by caring.


Actions are like photographs; they can speak volumes in one language.


We all have a fascination with this language. A profile may reveal geography, but the images reveal just how closely related we all are. We visually speak to each other every day.


Maybe, before things get any worse in the world, we should start thinking about how we can use our medium and this forum to become advocates for social change. Not armchair advocates, but "go out into the rain" advocates.


The whole world is watching. The thing is, now the whole world has a camera.


Happy Holidays!


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Taken on November 10, 2006