Palestines fault?

...and I'm to blame?

  • popfiend2k 6y

    The blockade has been around for a few years (3 or 4 maybe). Rocket attacks have been going on for 8. The blockade was put in place to prevent arms smuggling to the Gaza strip.

    During the ceasefire, an average of 11 rockets per month were still fired into Israeli territory. Tunnels were dug, arms were smuggled, and the simple fact is that Hamas never had the long ranged rockets BEFORE the ceasefire that they used afterwards.
    ur blockade was against the law
  • akruvi 6y

    Firing rockets at civilians is also against the law, and that started, as you've quoted me saying, before the blockade.

    Murder is illegal, but if someone comes to your house and tries to kill you, he's free game.
  • nin1234567 6y

    Make love, not jew
  • popfiend2k 6y

    Murder is illegal, but if someone comes to your house and tries to kill you, he's free game. OK THEN THOSE ROCKETS LANDED ON PALI LAND SO I GUESS THEY WERE NOT BREAKING THE LAW THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY POINT i dont recall a 4 year old toddler shooting a rocket, and if no idf was killed by gunfire why is there little pali girls with bullet holes did hamas do that? no what started it is israel broke the truce they went into gaza and killed 6 hamas,and claimed they were going to kidnap , who really believes that. look at you ur not telling the truth i showed u the truth did u not see the video
  • akruvi 6y

    Hamas does kill other Palestinians, here's a video showing Hamas militants massacring a wedding party for no other reason that they were playing music:

    Hamas is also known to launch rockets, then place children to play in those launching grounds so Israel could not bomb it.

    Another video showing Hamas using UN ambulances, and shooting in the street:

    So yes, I guarantee you that some of the deaths in Gaza were caused directly by Hamas.

    I didn't really get what you wrote in caps, what rockets landed on Pali land? They shot rockets at Israeli civilians, and Israel has the right to kick their ass back - it's that simple, and international law allows it.

    During the so called 'ceasefire', an average of 11 rockets per month were fired into Israel. Hamas claims no responsibility for the rockets *now*, but at the time it was assumed to be them, and justly so because it's always been them firing the rockets. And even if they claim not to have fired these rockets during the ceasefire, so what? They claim a lot of things, not all of which are true.

    Now you keep calling me a liar, give me one, 1 single example of something I said that was not entirely true. One example, or else stop calling me a liar.
  • Resh Aleph 6y

    akruvi, I'm sorry to "betray" a fellow Israeli, but I find it unfortunate that you speak as if Israel is all but perfect. What's more unfortunate is that this seems to be the common Israeli view.

    However, that doesn't mean the rest of you people have a good picture of the truth. Israel does wrong and stupid things, I agree, but it is not as random as apartheid. You simply cannot overlook the abundance of violence coming from Hamas (against both soldiers and civilians), or their proclamation that Israel is to be destroyed. Truth is, it is fear that flames Israel's violence, not random malice.

    So to repeat my first comment, I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, but this is not a "good guys vs. bad guys" case. What we have here is an endless loop of violence, that common people on both sides suffer from. We have to learn to respect each other, listen to each other, or it will never end.

    Putting all the blame on one side is unwise and immature. You could say that Hamas only reacts to Israel's violence/restrictions. But then akruvi says no, Israel only reacts to Hamas's violence. I say, who the hell cares? Blaming solves nothing.
  • akruvi 6y

    Not feeling 'betrayed' at all, Resh. With the elections this close, I still don't know who the 'lesser evil' is amongst the runners. Israel is definitely not perfect - I don't support the settlements, as I've mentioned already, and I don't support some of the things Israel has done to become independent.

    It just seems that, lately, being anti Israel has become trendy. People think they're going against big-Jewish-media by protesting against Israel, and letting the world know it on the internet. And you know what, I don't mind people protesting against Israel - but only as long as they do it for the right reasons.

    People think protesting against Israel is cool, like buying a Mac, only so many people started buying macs now that it's become less cool and so people are looking for someone to replace it. Don't you find it strange that suddenly the American media shows so much anti Israeli material?

    Well this isn't like buying a Mac - what goes on now could shape the future for many generations to come, for better or worse.

    I don't mind people being against the side I've chosen, so long as they do it because they actually believe in it, and not because they were made to like pawns.
  • Resh Aleph 6y

    I agree that it seems to be a trend, but criticizing violence is a good trend in my book. :)

    The disturbing part in their comments, if you ask me, is that they are completely ignoring Hamas's responsibility, not that they're criticizing Israel. To be honest, I'd be pretty scared of this world if no one criticized Israel.
  • akruvi 6y

    I'd be pretty scared as well - it would mean the Zombie apocalypse has finally begun!

    By then I'll be far away on my stolen yacht, where the Zombies can't reach me. Until the virus mutates to infect sharks, then it's a whole other problem.
  • Knut H 6y

    The Jews learned well from the nazis - not that I am impressed.
    Let us pray that they have the guts to contribute to the reconstruction. Lets pray for peace - don't know how that can happen without "divine intervention".
  • -dg. 6y

    "Haillie Sallasse, up Your Ass" by Propagandhi comes to mind
  • dieselmachine 6y

    It's easy to say "Where did you get those numbers, from Hamas?" when Israel made every effort to ban reporters from entering Gaza.

    That was to prevent the same numbers being reported by more credible sources.
  • ellidi 6y

    You guys suck.

    Eat all the dicks.

  • miguel 6y

    Remember the USS Liberty. And Count Bernodotte. Sabra and Shatila. Without Israeli aggression and land theft there would be no resistance, no Hamas, no Fatah, no Hezbollah. So, don't blame the Palestinians for the crimes of Israel. It's in good company with Amerika and China.
    The Native Americans and the Tibetans should be consulted.
  • acidartha 6y

    I wish Hamas would fire a million fuckin rockets. Death to ZION.
  • Resh Aleph 6y

    acidartha, surely you realize that if Hamas does that, then more innocent Palestinians will die? Is that what you want, more dead Palestinian children? (I would also mention innocent Israelis, but you obviously don't care.)

    People like you (on both sides) are exactly the reason these wars happen. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    As for Zion, it is neither ethical nor practical to seek its destruction at this point in time. What you CAN do is make life a lot worse for both peoples. And that is already being done quite effectively by Hamas and the Israeli government.
  • Derek 6y

    How does anyone think that only one side or the other is "right"? A plague on both their houses. This is a very complicated situation born out of ignorance, prejudice and fear. Anyone who can sum up the problem - or solution - in a couple of lines is guilty of at least one, or more of those qualities.
  • filfilnet 6y

    Thank god someone dares nowadays to say the truth. Remember 2 months ago after sending the rocket, israel goes and kills 1500 in order to "defend" itself from the "terrorists", 2/3 children and women! All this and the US and the whole world still supporst this terrist-state called Israel. Oh god, what a wold we live in.
  • Knut H 6y

    I wish the Palestine could teach the world - and fire roclets that spread laughter, music and dance. Laughter so hard that anyone that contemplated further expansion would be struck hard with a non-stop ridicule of that idea, and bend over and laugh. With music that would lessen the level of tension and make them dance to make them forget.

    Then the Palestinians can post pictures of their beautiful country - taken away from them - and where the UN charter has been ignored for 60 years soon.

    I find laughter and dance a better medication against "Lebensraum".
  • Kent Clark 9mo

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