Brie fondant aux pommes et sirop d'érable :)

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See it large for better view :) Trust me!

I guess the English translation will be… Baked brie with apple and maple syrup.

Seriously, try that a home… it’s easy and an excellent dessert.

You take brie and put it in a plate that can go in the oven. After that, put apples, brown sugar and maple syrup on it. Take the plate and place it in the oven for like 10 minutes…. Or…. Until it’s ready. Meanwhile, cut some piece of bread. Finally, take the plate out and put some nuts on it. Tada!

That picture was taken for the Strobist Boot camp2 Assignment #2. That was an exiting project for many reasons.

1)It’s a nice challenge to take a photo of food as I don’t really cook and I’m just bad doing a “good” food presentation. (Thanks to my girlfriend… she solved both issue :P )

2)I’m still a noob in strobist… But!! I took me less time to install my setup in find the right speed & F stop than the last assignment. Hooray! (By the way, thanks David for your wonderful tips on your website!!)

3)I also had to face a major issue… the cheese flooded the plate too fast !! And you know, there’s no turn back after that.

4)Finally, the greatest part of that work… it is… you get a reward :) You can eat what you just capture :)

Strobist info :

D80 /w 50mm ~ 1/50 sec ~ f/4,5 (I wanted a blurry background)
SB-24 /w Shoot-Through Umbrella (at maybe 4’) ~ 24mm ~ 1/16m

Any critics or comments are always welcome

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  1. Matt Linehan [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

    C'est beau. J'aime les couleurs et les textures. Je ne suis pas sûr que je pouvais manger autant de brie bien! J'espère que mon français est OK.

  2. Bruce Wayne Photography (Formerly darth_bayne) 58 months ago | reply

    Dude this looks so good! I might have to give this a try someday. nice shot btw, it definitely made me hungry now.

  3. eisha_romeo_4 (catching up) 58 months ago | reply

    very well presented!
    love to taste it!!

    have a great day!

  4. Parkinson Sniper 58 months ago | reply

    nice work :) looks like an professional industrial photograph...

  5. natasa10 58 months ago | reply

    Really a pro photo! Looks so delicious!! But I will imagine that yellow is vanilla cream and white is sugar. Brie is left out. :P

  6. **Anik Messier** 58 months ago | reply

    Absolument décadent! ;-))

  7. A.G.O.R. photography (pc4pc) ;) [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

    lovve your work

  8. natalie harding 57 months ago | reply

    Looks amazingly delicious.

  9. michael.paul 57 months ago | reply

    Beautiful shot, this is making me hungry!

    delete for rules violation

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  10. SuperKarmen 57 months ago | reply

    Yummmmmyyyyy.... slurp.

  11. leesure 57 months ago | reply

    Looks delicious. Well composed and lit.

    -Voted 'save2' (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group) using photoratr

  12. charlie.morn 57 months ago | reply

    The almonds in the back and the apple just break up the image for me. Other than that, well done.

  13. Laura M Gray 57 months ago | reply

    ps. . .looks tasty

  14. Laura M Gray 57 months ago | reply

    whoops last comment disappeared.

    I said, crop out the bad apple, see my note.


  15. Jason Nunez 57 months ago | reply

    I am sooo hungry gahhh!!

  16. Elisa Ursalas 57 months ago | reply

    omg i'm sooo sooo sooo sooo hungryyyyyyyyy...brb...I'm going to eat something :)))

  17. {} Hawee Ta3kees-هاوي تعكيس 57 months ago | reply


    ♥ ♥ Have a Nice Week End.. ♥ ♥
    Seen in your photo stream.

  18. KeyExpert 20 months ago | reply

    Thank you for this image, and especially thank you for sharing it under a CC license! We've used your beautiful photo here:

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