Valdosta Town Hall Meeting

Congressman Jack Kingston (R/GA-1) hosts a healthcare town hall meeting in Valdosta on Monday, August 3. More than 350 people were in attendance. (Photo courtesy Ashleigh Kenny)

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  • ConservativeCutie 6y

    I LOVE this picture! So very true! With the left-wing nuts in control the Constitution isn't the only thing that has died!


    One Nation Under GOD
    GOD Bless America
    In GOD we Trust
  • eziel1 6y

    All I have to say is Ashleigh has done a great job at her age. She has done what A LOT her age hasn't done and that's get involved. I think at a minimum most of us can commend that. No matter what your party lines, I'm proud of her for getting involved and stepping up. I wish I had half the brains she did at her age, but I'm 7 years late getting involved.

    I don't argue the fact that Bush didn't do a GREAT job his 8 years. He wasn't as conservative as I would have liked. PATRIOT Act is a big FAIL to civil liberties. Go read Constitution in Exile.

    Promoting the general welfare, is suppose to be for the general welfare for the population. Helping 10 million people while making the people with their own health care pay for it isn't what they had in mind.

    I think the Fairness Doctrine idea is unfair, which is federally not going to happen but there is being pushed locally. 9 times out of 10 if a liberal calls a conservative talk show they will get on the program or vice versa. This helps boost their ratings. I listen to Alan Colmes at night and he gets a lot of conservatives on his show. I just don't see the need in FORCING some thing on a business. If I own a flower shop and only want to sell daylillies and not roses, should the government make me sell them to be fair to them? These radio shows are not to be politically correct, but to make money. They want ratings.

    The term militia: 3rd defininition: all able-bodied males considered by law eligible for military service.
    All males in this country at the age of 18 are eligible for being drafted. So I think that gives us the the reason to bear arms via that term. No supreme court has voted on defining the 2nd Amendment.

    Congress uses every opportunity to use the Commerce Clause to gain further control. Wickard v. Filburn 1940, this shows the congress attempting to take further control over the wheat farmer that wanted to grow more than the federal amount allotted for his farm to feed his cattle. These type of cases are what make most conservatives sick to their stomachs.

    Health care is an important issue and we need to have the discussions, civilly of course. I respect your opinion to the public option, but you need respect Ashleigh's, mine and many others opinion that we don't want it.

    I applaud Ashleigh and her action to give Kingston that shirt. I think it was a great gesture. Continue the work and I hope awesome things for you and the future!
  • gramto11 6y

    You, sir, are an insult to all Georgians, whether they be Democrats or Republicans. We all deserve better than you. According to the above picture, it wouldn't be hard to find one better than you. This is an unforgivable act of irresponsibility if not outright treason.
  • pdoherty31602 6y

    where can I get a tee shirt
  • monkeychipsx2 6y


    It's a fucking tee shirt. chill.
  • Kevinmb61 6y

    There will be NO constitution if this administration has its dictorial way. But it won't, WE THE PEOPLE will take back, our country, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not the socialist states of america.
  • Kevinmb61 6y

    The girl is offering her opinon of how the admin is running the constitution into the ground. She gave a shirt that SHE had made up with her own money and idea as a gift to him. Many of us feel the constitutional rights are being taken away from us. The shirt is just one way of expressing such, and I agree so much I bought one!
  • Kevinmb61 6y

    here is the link to buy the shirts
  • eziel1 6y

    Thanks for giving the link Kevinmb61 :) If anyone has any problems or questions please use the contact form.
  • joepho57 6y

    Steger: "promoting the general welfare" does not mean providing cradle to grave welfare or entitilement programs. It means the government should promote the kind of state where individuals can pursue their own interests and flourish.

    Way to go Ashleigh !!!
    Its some relief to see that not all of the young people brainwashed by liberal press and ultra liberal run schools.
    I run from socialistic country 30 years ago, just to see that socialistic cancer introducing itself in US by Obama and Co.
    Very very sad!
  • WaterDR1 6y

    Liberal or Conservative....everyone should love this t-shirt. I am sure that had this photo been taken with a Barney Franks, the liberals who are on the attack, would have quite a different opinion.

    It is also sad to see how some the very same people who claim to support the 1st Amendment, only seem to support it when someone share's the same opinion as them.

    The amount of hate that has been directed at this young lady is both sad and disgusting. Talk about trampling on the Constitution....

    Just one question for geniuses
    Why malpractice insurance for the Internal Medicine doctors in the Illinois!!!(Obama state?) is a $38,000/year and in adjcent state of Wisconcin and Minnesota its around $3,500 to $4,000.
    Is it bad and ugly Insurance companies in Illinois and soft and cuddly insurance people in Wisconcin???
  • la1piglet 6y

    You go girl!!! It is so refreshing to see young people with a mind of their own and not listening to the liberal close minded teachers involved in their education. So there is still hope. Just when I was thinking America was doomed..... Ashleigh and Congressman Jack Kingston came through. We need more Republicans to stand up and not be a coward to say what they feel, and not say what is politically correct! When you stand up for what is RIGHT, you'll be surprised at the amount of people behind you. I will wear my T-shirt proudly.
  • Right Rocker 6y

    RONIN Z E R O posted the comment: Why is it so bad to give health care to the poor? I think it's fine to give health care to the poor. I donate to several charities who do just that. A recent survey found that republicans are more charitable than democrats. I don't however, think it's the government's job to take my money (or that of anyone else) and give it to others. When you were in school, how would you have felt if your teachers had taken an "A" that you made on a test and turned it into a "B" so that someone else who made a "C" could have a "B". My guess is that you would have complained profusely and said it was not fair. You would have been right then as we are now.
  • De Smilie 6y

    Where may I find Ms Kenny's blog? I find this interesting and would like to do some more reading before I form an opinion. Thanks!
  • vikingsmom 6y

    Ashleigh....R U Amkenny???
    Where do I get a T-shirt????
    I cannot log onto

    Dawn From Palatine, Illinois.
    Oh....And Keep Talking!!
  • webber87 6y is down due to high traffic. They will have it up soon(2-3hrs)
  • webber87 6y

    and thats

    Hard to break habits
  • coronamaker666 6y

    Ashleigh - you really do matter!!! Thanks for re-instilling my faith in the youth of America. It's about time that we're seeing young people have a voice for what they believe in. Keep it up. As for the Oliver Willis' of the world, come on look at that guy, I couldn't tell if the picture was distorted or whether he's really that bloated, that's like the pot calling the kettle black (no pun intended) when someone like that makes disparaging remarks about a beautiful, intellegent young woman like Ashleigh.

    I'd wear that T shirt proudly, so please someone tell me where I can buy it.

    RIGHT ROCKER, do you really think that this current government has the ability to run a government health care system? P-L-E-A-S-E, they still can't even run a Cash For Clunker's program. Car Dealerships can't even get into the government website to file their claims to recover the money they're due and if they don't get it in by Monday night they are S.O.L. Can't wait to see what we're going to get with a government run health care system. BTW if a gov't run health care system really works, why is the Canadian Top Doc saying their health care system is imploding and even more importantly why does the Canadian gov't now have agreements with American hospitals to offer care to Canadians? Do you work? Do you enjoy giving up a percentage of your paycheck to pay for those that don't ? How do you honestly think the government is going to pay for this, especially since working middle class makes up most of the tax revenue the government receives? Do you think that the wealthy being taxed is going to be enough?
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Taken on August 3, 2009
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