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Tidal Wave Hitting The Shore


Hello everyone I hope you had a great 4th of July, Todays painting is (Tidal Wave Hitting The Shore) when first looking at this painting you might see the obvious image of a actual tidal wave , but I want you to think about the tidal waves that is headed our way economically, as well as spiritually for if your not ready its going to hit you ten fold,but dont think all tidal waves can be negative some can be very positive, for example you just found out you hit the lottery and you are set for life, believe me looking at that winning ticket will hit you like a tidal wave, basically tidal waves can be anything unexpected,a couple of days ago I was going to meet a friend at the movies to see Prince of Persia: Sands of Time,at 2 p,m, I had at all planned out to leave my place it takes 15 mins to get to the show,well at 1:45 I go out to my car and I see that I have a flat tire and just that little thing hit me like a tidal wave so it can be the smallest of things also,well after I heard about that movie Im glad that tidal wave hit me,so my friends when you head out into the world today and something hits you unexpectedly well think back to this painting after all, you have just been hit by a tidal wave,now whether you ride that baby out like on a surf board or sink like a rock is up to you,steve.p.s. if you do hit the lottery how about chipping off your best friend steve a C note?hahaha

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Taken on July 4, 2010