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The Valley


Top of the morning to you my friends can I get you something to drink? ice tea perhaps? Todays painting is called (The Valley)24 x 36 inches, I found this spot way out in the woods where no one ever goes, no paths no outside noise no nothing except the beauty that mother nature whispers gently into my ear, after working on this painting for around a half hour , I couldn't believe it, I could hear the approaching crunchy footsteps of a passerby, I didn't turn around but could now tell they were right behind me watching until I heard the voice ring out, (Hey thats a cool painting dude) I turned around and saw this hiker to which I responded thanks dude,then it hit me , I said hey could you do me a quick favor, could you stand over there so I can put in a hiker to add a little perspective just need you to stand there for 1 minute, sure no problem dude, yes he was around 18 yrs old which explains all the dudes he liked to throw around,he went over to the left where I wanted him to go, but he looked right at me until I said yo dude turn around like your hiking up the trail, sure dude, after I put him in , I asked what are you doing way out here dude? he said his girlfriend lives on the other side of the trees about 10 mins away,and this was a shortcut to her house , he came back one more time to look what he looked like in the painting and started to laugh and said yea thats me dude, thats cool, well that is the story on my valley painting , maybee next time I will find a place where I can paint without seeing a person, but in Michigan its going to be hard, so many hikers, bikers, and just general freaks walking around in the woods, well until next time take it easy DUDES! steve

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Taken on May 24, 2010