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The Daze | by Nico Nordström
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The Daze

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Model: Jamie Clark

Photography/Editing/Hair/Makeup/Styling: Nico Nordström


With this little series I really wanted to personify how happy I am to finally be living in Austin, and be out of Huntsville (hence the Frost building reference in the headpiece). I just felt like I was stagnant and being held back while living in the country and the lack of resources was staggering. Now that I live in the city, I have the world at my finger tips. Plus, Austin is really just a fabulous city for artists and I'm really inspired by it. One of my favorite things is how beautiful the nature is here, and how beautiful city life is. There's nothing better than hanging out by the many lakes, and looking out over the city from my street. The glow of the city at night is in indescribable. That's what inspired this shoot, city meets nature and the glow of life in Austin.


This was my first real assignment at Texas State, so I wanted to do something challenging that I had never done before. The dress was made entirely from a long exposure of glowsticks and christmas lights. I attached the glowsticks to PVC pipe that I had leftover from another shoot, so my assistants could just waved it up so the lines would be clean. The glowing lines on the bottom where extra long glowsticks illuminating the water, and the headpiece I made from the boxes I used to move here, and foil from the kitchen. Thank God I'm such a hoarder and had the structural headpiece saved from the Flower Queen photoshoot forever ago haha The soul was made from a ping pong ball attached to my external flash, and then garnished with a distorted long exposure I had taken in Florida.


This first shot is really about how stagnant I felt living in Huntsville, when I knew that I belonged in a city.

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Taken on September 22, 2012