The write thing Project 365(2) Day 12

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    I used to write everything with this selection of pens; reports, essays, application forms etc etc. I hated biros, much preferring the feel of a pen nib on paper. That was before I got my first computer with a half decent word processor. Once I had an Apple Classic II with Claris Works and Microsoft Word installed that was it.

    Now, I write very little apart from in my Spanish class where I write in pencil, so these beautiful pens sit in a drawer unused.

    They have all been thoroughly cleaned so a quick fill with Parker’s Quink would bring them back into action. Quite when then will be and for what reason I don’t know.

    Mi colección de plumas con las cuales escribía. Ahora utilizo un procesador de textos, éstos soy inusitado.

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    1. sohvimus 107 months ago | reply

      Beautiful photo.

    2. Keith Williamson 107 months ago | reply

      Thank you for your kind comment, I hope your visit to Finland is going well and providing you with plenty of photo opportunities.

    3. comedy_nose 107 months ago | reply

      They're lovely instruments Keith. But which one (if any) made the black lines? You've done a cracking job lining them up by the way - that's if the black lines ever physically existed!

      I always longed to be able to craft beautiful letter forms with a fountain pen but my left handedness and handwriting (very small, almost illegible, very, very fast) prohibited me from ever getting there. Maybe when I retire. :)

    4. Keith Williamson 107 months ago | reply

      The black lines did exist - shame on you for thinking I would resort to trickery in Photoshop :-)

      They weren't drawn by any of those pens though because it would have been a waste to fill one up just to draw three lines.

      Lining them up with the nibs was difficult and I almost got it right. Now that is where a wee bit of trickery in Photoshop to complete them came in :-)

      As for my handwriting, that is awful and at times indecipherable which worked to my advantage when writing reports.

    5. Maxima Dalluge 91 months ago | reply

      wow, this one is so great! I had a big laugh!parker pens uk

    6. Angela Boothroyd 89 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing this photo - I've used it on a short post for English language learners

    7. Mary_on_Flickr 88 months ago | reply

      I join other commenters in thanking you for this lovely image. Used for our online club for kids who write at

    8. dorajistyle 88 months ago | reply

      thanks for share this photo!

    9. krolpj 69 months ago | reply

      Thanks for making this photo available! I'm using it in an upcoming blog post at on April 3.

    10. Empirical Magazine 68 months ago | reply

      I love this image. I'd like to use it on my personal blog and am crediting "Keith Williamson."
      Thank you! ~Tara

    11. ehprybylski 56 months ago | reply

      I would like to use this image on my commercial website as a graphic. It is attributed to you under Creative Commons Attribution and a link is provided to your Flickr page. If you would like to remove it please send me a message and I shall do so immediately. Beautiful photography!

    12. Mums About Town 54 months ago | reply

      Hi there,

      What a great picture! I used it on our website and credited you both at the bottom of the page and in the image tags ( If you have any question don't hesitate to contact us (

      Have a nice day,
      Mums About Town.

    13. cvmotivacionopismo 47 months ago | reply

      Nice photo,
      We will use it one our new web site and give the attribution with links to your flickr profile and creative commons page.
      Thanks for uploading.

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