2018: Summer - A Bunch of Amateurs
Photos by Liz Strevens and Stuart Wineberg

A Bunch of Amateurs
by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman
Director: Liz Strevens

Welcome to The Ritchie Memorial Hall; a place that has, in many ways, been my ‘second home’ for over 30 years. I directed my first play in 1990 and this week’s play, ‘A Bunch of Amateurs’ will be the 27th time I have directed; and each time has been a learning experience and adventure.
‘A Bunch of Amateurs’ is a warmly funny and affectionate play. We’ve had a lot of fun bringing it to our stage. It’s been both challenging and hard work for everyone involved but ultimately a joy to be a part of.
My thanks, of course, go to everyone involved, who have really worked very hard. My production Assistant, Glen, has quietly and efficiently captured all my utterances and directions over the past few months on her notepad and script, making sense of it all; and supported the cast as prompt. Backstage need to be on their toes all the time (no time for a cheeky nap this week!) and the props ladies have had a huge job. As ever, the tech team at the back have borne my outrageous demands for effects with equanimity and delivered spectacularly. Front of House and catering have, as always, worked very hard and have made our theatre look delightful. And last, but not of course, least, our very talented cast have worked hard with this deceptively complex script and delivered outstanding, and very funny, performances.

Liz Strevens

The action takes place in the barn used by the Stratford Players for rehearsals and performances, and the nearby Rectory Bed and Breakfast.

Dorothy Nettle …. Marilyn Dunbar
Mary Plunkett …. Jan Bradshaw
Nigel Dewberry …. Geoff Dodsworth
Denis Dobbins …. Wayne Bradshaw
Jefferson Steel …. Nick Coleman
Lauren Bell …. Kayleigh Fagence
Jessica Steel …. Lisa Dunbar

For the Company
Production Assistant …. Glen Partridge
Stage Manager …. Terry James
Assistant Stage Manager …. Roger Hester
Properties …. Sheila Hardiman, Sarah Phipps
Technical Director …. Lionel Elliott
Sound …. Clare Britton
Front of House Manager …. Carrie Laythorpe
Catering Manager …. Diana Mills
Bar Manager …. Karol Cooper
Set Build …. The Company
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