2018: Panto - Jack and the Beanstalk
Photographs by Stuart Wineberg

Hello, and welcome to Chameleon Theatre Company’s 2018 pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk!

I was not going to direct panto again this year, but in a crazy moment agreed to do so - I am now very glad I did! Having spent hours trawling through numerous scripts, I was thrilled to find this version by TLC Creative. I loved the story, the characters and the gags. The script brings to life all the classic panto characters. Prepare to cringe at Dame Trott’s “jokes”, boo and hiss at Poison Ivy, and wonder how our hero Jack manages to get through the day – I think you’ll agree he’s not the sharpest pencil in the case!!

Auditions for this production were popular, and I had many people to choose from for each role. I was delighted to put together this great cast, including many new faces to the Chameleon stage. I must also thank all of those off stage, who have worked tirelessly to help make this show a success. I think it is often underestimated just how many hours these vital behind the scenes people put in – programming all the lights and sounds, making all the costumes, building all the sets, finding / making all the props, organising front of house etc. etc.

We started rehearsing this show on 31 October, and with the Christmas break, have had just over 2 months to create what you see today. I hope you agree that “team panto” has done a fabulous job in such a short time.

So now, please sit back and enjoy!

Gillian Wilkins

Jack ... Lisa Dunbar
Princess Rose ... Kayleigh Fagence
Dame Trott ... Dave Wilkins
King ... Wayne Bradshaw
Fairy Beansprout ... Liz Strevens
Dozy Den ... Terry James
Giant ... Nick Coleman
Poison Ivy ... Marilyn Dunbar
Prime Minister ... Matthew Costen
Housekeeper ... Jan Bradshaw
Adult Chorus ... Clare Britton, Sian Hayden, Sarah Phipps, Lesley James, Fiona Winchester, Liz Finbow, Dave Collis, Jon Duke
Junior Chorus ... Izzy Apperley (Buttercup), Aleigha Apperley (Harp), Sian Davison (Spider), Lauren Griffiths, Daisy Adams

For the Company
Production Assistant ... Jenni Prior
Stage Manager ... Carrie Laythorpe
Properties ... Karol Cooper
Lighting ... Becky Nye
Sound ... Jack Smirk
Followspot ... George Smirk
Video Effects ... Lionel Elliott
Wardrobe ... Diana Mills
House Manager ... Sheila Hardiman
Scenery Design ... Terry James
Set Build ... The Company

Chairman’s Foreword

We have been rehearsing Jack and the Beanstalk over the winter months and bring to you a range of characters which we hope you love and enjoy.

We are a busy group who take part in poetry readings, community events, murder mystery evenings and festival competitions as well as a wide range of social events. This all keeps us very active and we are always on the lookout for new members to help backstage / front of house or on stage as we perform to audiences four times a year at the Ritchie Hall. This has been our home for 50 years and hopefully, with your continued support, will be so for many more years to come.

We build our own sets and are always looking at better ways to present our productions to you using new set and lighting techniques and with the help of the CFCA we are continuing to improve our facilities.
An exciting year ahead awaits the Chameleons and I hope that you can all come along on our journey so that we can continue to offer the local community and all our supporters a year of varied and enjoyable entertainment.

Marilyn Dunbar
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